Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Gift of Animals

What a beautiful face ! At Christmas, when we think of the Three Wise Men, camels are traditionally depicted in the scene.

I've been following the holiday activities closely through the newspapers from the two communities that are close to my home. The bi-weekly paper had a rather large ad from the Lutheran Church, inviting the community to come on Sunday and "meet the animals of the nativity".

So, off I went on Sunday afternoon, with camera in hand.

It was set up on the front lawn of the church.

There was a bucket hanging on the fence, for a free-will offering, sponsoring the ELCA program of gifting a needy family with an animal. Please check out the link. This is a gift that can change a family's way of life.

The camel is a magnificent animal to photograph.

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Although the animal keeper assured me he would not spit on me...I still kept a watchful eye out for any signs of lip movement.

Not exactly his best side....

What a great opportunity, for the children of my community, to walk in the pens with the smaller animals. It was obvious these little fellas were very tame.

As soon as I walked in, this little guy nuzzled up to me for attention.

Isn't he adorable ?

As I photographed, I became aware of all the spots.


And more spots.

Fluffy.... and looking so aloof.

Did someone suggest, to him, the grass taste better outside the fence ?

Meggie Mac

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Many Days Left Before Christmas ?

Somehow I have convinced myself if I hang one single tree ornament, I can say, "I'm in the process of decorating the Christmas Tree".

As you know, this will be my first Christmas in Das Kleine Haus. I am still working to get some kind of order to the haus before my family arrives for the holidays.

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Because my home has 12 foot ceilings, I opted for my very first tall tree....

With the tall tree comes a new problem. I need to bring an equally very tall ladder in the living room, so I might  place the star on.

Taken at Night
I have managed to place a LED candle, with greenery, in each of the 25 windows. The decorations for this year will be simple, accenting the beauty of the century year old haus.

Before the Christmas Stockings can be hung, the tile on the new hearth must be finished.

Looks like it will be another busy Friday Project Day.

Meggie Mac

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Fences...Small Texas Town

A beautiful black iron fence, behind the Christmas garland, surrounds another small Texas town courthouse.

The 170' tall Courthouse, built in 1897, is constructed of brown sandstone and grey stone from Texas. It is written in a brochure, that the stone was shipped in by rail car as large boulders. They were cut on site by the local farmers and other laborers.

Beautiful Romanesque arches frame the entrance doors on all four sides of the building.

The clock tower, with 2-story high windows, can be seen for miles away.

It is easy to see the community, population around 2,300, takes the decorating of the Town Square very seriously.....

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While not forgetting the real meaning of Christmas.

Meggie Mac

I'm joining in with Jan and Jer's Friday Fences.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Pet Parade...In the Country

Historical Courthouse on the Square
During the Christmas Season there is no shortage of events to attend. It seems every community has its celebration with parades, vintage costumes, carolers, and sometimes a "Pet Parade"

Of all the Saturday's events to choose from, I decided it would be a fun drive to a very historic town and photograph their pet parade.

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It looks like Rudolph the Reindeer has, it must be  Rudolph the Goat, looking for Santa.

And here he is....

And what do I see....another Santa!

The variety of pets also included one pony, all decked out in his Santa's helper hat.

Now this little guy came prepared. It was a very warm 80 degree day in December, with the sun beaming down on the parade.

Of all the pets parading around, on a leash, this one was quite the "ham" when it came to the camera.

Are you talking about me ??

If there was one dog I could pick to take would be this Border Collie.

His uniqueness,

And, sweet nature...pulled my heart strings !

Meggie Mac

There will be more on the festival later this week...
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