Monday, February 1, 2016

Texas Castle on the Prairie...for Monday's Country Backroads

From reading my blog,
 you know how much I talk about the country back roads...
they never disappoint me.
Today is not the first time to see this real-life castle.
It is located on one of my most often traveled back roads.
 The road leads to a wonderful small town about 14 miles away from the bungalow.
Usually the foliage hides all but the very tallest part of the castle.
If you might be wondering...
it is a private home.
So you might get a sense of how far away I took these photos,
here is where I am standing.
Since taking these photos, I have learned the name of the family.
How delightful it would be, to get an invite for afternoon tea?
No doubt, I would be bringing my camera!
Monday is off to a great start....
Enjoy your week.
Meggie Mac
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