Sunday, November 25, 2012

Country Business Has Open House

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas"..... was recorded in 1951 by Bing Crosby.

So, follow my story, and I will tell you why the lyrics ring true today.

Saturday begins with another country back road.


Just as the sign reads, it is always held the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.

It appears to be a simple country event....with no frills or fanfare. It is a third generation family farm.

I am greeted by one of the farm's family members, offering "free" homemade cookies, coffee and punch.
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Although I have been here on previous open houses, it is simply breathtaking when you first walk into the greenhouse....

Thousands of beautiful poinsettias, just waiting to be taken home for Christmas.

I decided to buy two of the smaller red ones....

And one larger, creamy-white, plant for my dining room table.

To make this Saturday event complete, at the exit door was a sale table of fresh vegetables, grown on the farm.

Fresh picked and sold the same day.

Adding a basket, fruit, and a few pine cones, and it's beginning to look like Christmas.....

Meggie Mac

Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Saturday...Another Church Bazaar

The last few weeks of November are a wonderful time for church bazaars. The weather is slightly cooler and the excitement of another Christmas is in the air.

There were so many booths inside that it was necessary to spill over on the church lawn.

Part of the fun of attending a local craft fair, is becoming acquainted with new people and new ideas. Inside, the meeting room was packed with craft booths, displaying a wide variety of the local talents.

These brightly colored handbags caught my eye....

How To Felt
They were first knitted... then, "felted". Aren't they gorgeous?

My next stop was to visit with a lady who designs and makes note cards. I was simply fascinated with her techniques. She introduced me to Iris Folding. If you are not familiar with this art of paper folding, check out the link.

 On this card, she did the iris folding with fabric.

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Another card had a photo of a precious cat, sleeping. At the lower half, the card-maker has knitted the beginning of a project. How sweet is this?

After talking with her for quite awhile, I bought several cards. I also bought these lovely hand knitted dish cloths that I have already placed in my kitchen.

And, I couldn't resist buying this pillow for my bedroom. An old embroidered dresser scarf has been used to decorate the pillow top.

Of course, no bazaar or craft fair is complete without food, especially brownies.

So I lunched on a home-made chicken salad wrap....

And, a brownie. How could I resist?

Meggie Mac

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Remembering Our Veterans...

 At the last minute on Sunday, I decided to drive to Praha, Texas, a community near Das Kleine Haus, for a 50th Anniversary Celebration of Veterans Day.
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So many activities, in small Texas towns, center around the local church. This celebration is no different.
The day begins with a church service honoring the vets. It continues on to the outdoor program, finishing off the day with a lunch served in the Parish Hall.
The beautiful historical church is the perfect setting for the Day of Remembrance.
It is amazing to see a community, with a population of less than 50, to have a turn out of more than 600 patriots to honor veterans of all wars.
An audience mixed with mothers, dads, wives, children, grandparents, and friends.
Here is one of the oldest veterans, on the way to his honored seat near the podium.
The postings of flags are about to begin...
All lined up to set their flags in place.
The POW and MIA flag was placed near the wreaths honoring all fallen military.
The placing of the wreaths....
The patriotic music was performed by the young musicians of the Flatonia High School Band.
It was a very windy day, with the threat of rain. In the above video, you can hear some of the wind noise. I hope you will over-look this point, and enjoy a sample of the music.
The closing ceremony was complete with the playing of taps and a fly-over by three vintage airplanes.
Circling around, flying over again to make a flower-drop over the area.
Truly a very moving remembrance to those who have given so much to our country.
Meggie Mac

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Country Church and Christmas Bazaar

Here is what the church brochure says about this beautiful historic church...

"It is older than the telegraph, the telephone, the automobile, the electric light bulb and the a sentinel on watch, since 1879." 

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It is located on a winding hilly road near Das Kleine Haus. If you look closely you can see the top of the church steeple above the trees. 

As I approach the church, I look up at the bell tower. I can feel a tightness in my throat as I see the steeple cross, reaching high towards the clouds.

Written on the historical marker are the words, "It is an excellent example of an open plan Gothic church with a central bell tower."

The rose design window, above the pointed arch doors, takes center stage. The dedication year is shown in the window frame.

As I step inside, the sun is shining through the rose window, casting light on the wooden Cross.

Looking up, I see the rope to the bell tower. The brochure tells me the bell has engraved, in German, the words of Matthew 11:28, "Come to me all yea that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

The bell has been rung for 13 decades, at the beginning of each service. It has rung joyously for weddings and somberly for funerals. Other occasions it has rung, have been the declaration wars, fires in the community, and other significant events in the world.

It also rang somberly, according to the brochure, on September 11, 2001 following the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC.

Opening the door, my eyes were immediately drawn to the altar, where you see a brightly colored stained glass window.

On my way outside, I noticed the church bazaar, it was off to a local ranch to check out the goodies being sold.

I was very late arriving, but I did manage to buy some home-made treats. I was reminded by a very friendly woman, that next year, I need to arrive around 8am. It seems there is a line waiting to get in early.

Hmmmm....if it's good enough for Santa's reindeers, it's good enough for me to eat!

And so, another Saturday, in my wonderful part of the world I call home....

Come on over, and let's sample all the treats...

Meggie Mac

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Fences

 The eye-catching colors of the concrete fence, almost look out of place with the rural style building in the background.

 Just at the top edge of the overpass road, you can see the tin roof building from the first photo.

When traveling through the community near Das Kleine Haus, I frequently use the underpass road.

Meggie Mac

I'm joining in with Jan and Jer's Friday Fences ...... use this link to see other fence photos.

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