Friday, June 24, 2016

The Look of Country Cottage....for Friday Fences

The white picket fence is still a favorite,
 for American cottage/country homes.
It's hot today, with temperatures close to 91 degrees.
click on photo to view larger
A magnificent display of foliage and blooms.
Do you not agree?
Meggie Mac
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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Round Top, Texas....for InSPIREd Sunday

Work on the historic stone church, began in 1866,
with the first service held in January, 1867.
Through out all these years, there remains an active congregation. 
It is considered the oldest Lutheran church sanctuary in Texas.
Carl Sigegismund Bauer, A German Texan, designed the building.
 He also was the head mason.
On one side wall, the church sanctuary is supported by buttresses.
As is the case with most country churches, there is a cemetery on the property. 
I'll leave you today with a link to the gospel song,
 "The Old Country Church"
Meggie Mac
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Friday, June 17, 2016

Leaning Fence...for Friday Fences

The entire fence line seems to be leaning...
it does make me wonder what happened here.
Meggie Mac
"Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up"
Robert Frost
Thanks to Theresa at Run Around Ranch.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pineapple from Costa Rica....for a Thursday Show and Tell

If you love fresh pineapple,
I have found a gadget,
 that actually makes coring into a simple twist of the hand.
The Pineapple Corer, purchased at Walmart, is made of clear plastic.
So often, as you may well know, gadgets are not worth the effort in using them.
This one, I am pleased to report, is a winner !
For easy cleaning, you simply remove the twist top handle.
After removing the pineapple by gently pulling straight up,
 you have about a 1/2 cup of pineapple juice left in the bottom
and a lovely pineapple bowl for serving.
Meggie Mac

Friday, June 10, 2016

Home Alone....for Friday Fences

What could have possibly happened here?
I see broken windows, peeling paint
 and no sign of life from inside.
Today was not the only time I have sat on the side of the road,
 staring....wishing it could speak out to me, with answers.
Click on Photo
Yes, there is a fence in the photo.
But, I think the photo is more about
 the abandoned home.
Meggie Mac
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Down My Garden Path Wednesday....Calla Lily and Mutiplying Onions

Would you be surprised to learn that Calla Lilies are not true lilies?
The flower was first cataloged in the mid 1700's.
 To find out why the name is so misleading,
 click HERE 
to read it's history.
Elegant comes to mind,
when describing the bloom.
For centuries, the Calla Lily has been
 a much sought after flower.
It is often used in bridal bouquets.
I have a habit of buying plants on a whim.
Because of this habit, I have what I call "a holding bed".
It is a small area where I place them,
 until I find the perfect spot for a permanent planting.
As you can see,
 I never did get around to planting my calla lilies.
They decided to bloom anyway !
The daylilies have been spectacular this year.
 This one, a real eye catching color, is dark maroon.
For a closer look, click on each photo
All of them are tagged,
 but unfortunately I have covered the tags with mulch.
So, until Autumn when they die back,
 I will call this one "Orange Sherbet".
Apparently I have found the perfect spot for coleus to show off.
It has finally warmed up enough for the tomatoes to grow.
This was taken after a rain shower.
The vegetable garden has produced a bumper crop
 of red and yellow onions.
Finally....the multiplying onions.
Have you ever grown them?
Adding the fork, in the photo, gives you some idea of their size.
 The golden pear shape tomatoes are a great addition for salads.
See how the onions separate?
The idea is to save some for replanting.
 Each replant can grow multiple onions to harvest.
Meggie Mac
"No Occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth,
and no culture comparable to the garden."
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Praha Texas Catholic Church.....for InSPIREd Sunday

Recently renovated, St. Mary's Church,
 is part of the famous "Painted Churches of Texas"
It is located in the community of Praha,
 the Czech spelling of Prague.
Established in 1865, the parish had a small beginning,
 that eventually grew to 200 families.
The current stone edifice was started in 1892.
This is the view when you first enter.
Click on any photo to view closer
Immediately your eyes are drawn to the beautiful hand-painted ceilings,
 by Swiss born fresco artist, Gottfried Flurry.
The organ pipes are visible from the choir loft.
It renews my faith,
each and every time I enter one of our Painted Churches.
During the day, you will always find
 an open door.....
Meggie Mac 
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Friday, June 3, 2016

Rust in Peace...for Friday Fences

Truly a beauty, surrounding an old grave...
Having survived many years on this hilltop cemetery,
a small bit of green paint remains on the rusty fence.
Meggie Mac
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Down My Garden Path Wednesday.....Cleomes Mixed with Purple Verbenas

Have you ever tried growing Cleomes ?
There are many good reasons to give them a try.
The flowers are quite showy, as they grow through-out the summer,
 to 8" size balls of blossoms. 
They seem to be quite at home with shrubs and perennials.
And, the best news is......
 Humming Birds love them. 
Click on the photo
Another flower that does well in my Texas Flower Garden, is the verbena.
With purple being one of my favorite colors, I always include several of these plants.
What I like about them is their ability to grow,
 trailing and intertwining, in the nearby plants.
Blue Daze is another plant
 that looks so nice grown near Artemisia.
Even though my purple salvia has taken a beating from the recent hard rains,
you can see how beautiful it is mixed with the gray-green color of Artemisia.
If you enjoyed my Garden Path post today,
look for updates next Wednesday....
Meggie Mac
"Give me odorous at sunrise
a garden of beautiful flowers
where I can walk undisturbed."
Walt Whitman
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