Monday, November 30, 2015

First Sunday in Advent...a late posting

Traditionally, the Advent Wreath has four candles, three purple and one rose colored.
Each candle has a special meaning.
The first purple candle, symbolizing Hope, was lit yesterday.
For many Christians, the Advent Wreath
 is our way to celebrate the four weeks,
 leading up to Christmas Day.
Meggie Mac
Join us in our annual tradition!
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 written about Christmas, in a Small Texas Town.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Surprised By My New Kitchen Garden

 Sunshine and plenty of rain,
has given me a basket of greens.
The surprise comes from the fact that....
 this small kitchen garden
 was only planted at the end of July,
 when I first moved to the bungalow.
One of the wonderful things about buying an older home,
can be the surprises that pop up in the garden beds.
See the lily shoots that have sprung-up,
 under the newly transplanted rose bush?
Apparently the owner before me,
 planted a few bulbs behind the studio.
I love surprises like that......
especially on a Monday.
Meggie Mac

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sharing Some Thoughts With You....

Can you believe it?
A red rose blooming in November.
And the most amazing thing is....
shortly after buying the bungalow in August,
the old, established rose bush
 was cut back and transplanted.
There is a new post on
You may either click HERE or,
 the tiny blue bungalow icon on the upper right side of this page.
I simply cannot post without a few words about yesterdays' unspeakable events.
"I am so saddened by the shocking news from Paris.  
My prayers are for the families,
for Peace for all of us."
Meggie Mac

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday and New Books on My Reading List

Writing a post about " Books of Interest To Me", is a first.
I'm an avid reader of...
American History, Scotland, Time Travel, and Politics.
 My special interests change from time to time.
And, it is not unusual for me to read two books a week. 
So let me show you what I am reading now.
A new release...
Just finished this one...and loved it.
Also read "The Winter Sea", by Susanna Kearsley, the same week as
 Claire R McDougall's Veil of Time.
I must admit when it comes to fiction,
 I'm addicted to historical romance novels. 
So there it is...out in the open.
 I insist on a "HEA".
Do you recognize that term?
Happy Ever After 
A new author for me.
Not a new book,
 but one I open from time to time.
I guess the unpacking of my small library,
 is what has prompted this post.
I'm so Thankful
I have the freedom
 to read whatever I choose.
Meggie Mac

Monday, November 9, 2015

Drivng on the Prairie for Monday's Country Back Roads

It's Monday...
Do I have your attention ?
I'm happy there is a fence between us.
The silo, in the distance,
is not something you see very often, on the prairie.
Most of the land is used for grazing cattle.
Although I do occasionally see corn planted,
when the weather is warm.
I have another post on Bungalow Living with Meggie"
Click HERE
to check out the progress of my kitchen renovation.
Enjoy your Monday.
Meggie Mac

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Project Days Continue....

It's early morning here in Texas...
 and another big project day at the Bungalow.
The list is long.
Hopefully I can post a project update tomorrow,
 on The Bungalow blog.
For today...
I have a new post on my first attempts at gardening,
 in my new "old" home.
Click on the bungalow icon,
at the upper right corner.
Or simply click HERE
Enjoy your Saturday, dear readers.
Meggie Mac

Friday, November 6, 2015

Wagon Wheel Fence.....for Friday Fences

You just never know...
 what you may find on the prairie.
The fence has been around
 for as long as I have traveled
 these country back roads.
The wonder is....
 "How did they manage to collect so many wheels?"
Meggie Mac
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Theresa of the Run a Round Ranch.
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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Green Clear Glassware for a Thursday Show and Tell

From the years 1970 to 1998, Indiana Glass Company
 offered glassware through a home party plan.
 The nursery rhyme plate, pictured above, is just one of many items
 I purchased from one of those parties
Dear readers....
are there any of you who remember the home parties?
The child-size divided plate
 has the first lines of two different nursery rhymes.
"See Saw Margery Daw"
"Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid"
Being fond of green glassware and pottery,
 these bowls were found at a local outdoor market.
As was the Fostoria Clear Green creamer...
without the sugar bowl.
A vintage bunny candy dish, bought to display,
 during the Easter Season.
It was been a while since I've had a Show and Tell Thursday.
I'm still in the middle of unpacking boxes, at the bungalow,
 with projects whizzing all around me.
Meggie Mac

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