Monday, November 27, 2017

Returning Home Through a National Forest...for Monday's Country Backroads

Today's Country Backroads are from my Thanksgiving travels,
 back to the Prairie.
I decided to take some backroads
 through the Sam Houston National Forest.
It's a beautiful drive, with very few places to pull off the road
 and photograph.
There are four (4) national forests in the state of Texas.
This particular one, established in 1936,
 has 163,045 acres.
Evidence of human occupation, in these forest lands,
 has been found dating back 12,000 years.
In more recent times,
it was home to the Atakapa-speaking native Americans.
The Thanksgiving Holiday has now become a memory.
It's Monday, the beginning of a new week....
with December just around the bend.
Meggie Mac

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Last Slice of Pumpkin Pie Has Been Eaten....Homeward Bound

So our holiday is coming to a close...
last look as the day light fades away.
Two grandchildren...
indulging  their grandmother and her camera,
 one last time.
I'll be going back to The Prairie,
and they will return to Florida.
Holidays... over too soon.
Meggie Mac

Friday, November 24, 2017

Saving a Tree Taken To a New Level ....for Friday Fences

  I could see how it would be easier to build the fence around the tree.
 I have never been comfortable with removing
 a living tree. 
My family and I are still enjoying our holiday time together.
Two more days to taste what it is like to live on a lake.
A view of last evening....right after sunset.
Meggie Mac
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Very Grateful Thanksgiving.....for Thankful Thursday

I'm sitting here this early morning,
 before all the  activities begin....
No, this is not The Prairie.
I have rented a lake house for Thanksgiving.
Isn't this a perfect spot for morning coffee,
on this crisp cool November morning ?
I am so very grateful for my loving family....
while missing my youngest daughter,
who is studying abroad.
I hope today finds you,
my dear readers,
surrounded with the love of family and friends.
Happy Thanksgiving !
Meggie Mac
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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dubina Texas Historical Painted Church.. ...for InSPIREd Sunday

It's easy to be inspired when walking the land around one of
The Painted Churches,
all within close proximity of my home.
Although the community population is only 44,
there is a Sunday Mass.
Anytime I have out of town guests,
I manage a tour of several of these churches.
The hand-painted interiors are exquisite.
As you can see, it is a remote location.
When you enter, the sky blue ceiling immediately catches your eye.
There are hundreds of tiny gold stars,
 hand-painted on the ceiling.
If you would like to see more of the interior,
please click HERE
There are more photos to share with you,
 from a previous post.
The doors are always open for viewing....but, at certain times of the day,
 a gate is placed before the inside entrance.
Such was the case today.
I had to literally lie flat on the floor,
place my camera lens through the bars,
to capture the above photo.
I would say it was well worth it....
Enjoy your Sunday.
Meggie Mac
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Friday, November 17, 2017

The Athletic Spirit Is Alive and Well...for Friday's Fences

How an ordinary chain link fence can become a work of art..
 or simply a way to identify a spot.
Over the years, I have probably passed by this fence hundreds of times.
It's located in a small community about 10 miles away from my home.
And, if you have been following me for very long, you know I have photographed Weimer's churches, a baseball field honoring our veterans....and the list goes on.
Click HERE
to view my post about the baseball field
honoring our Veterans.
Proudly showing the communities' name....
and Wildcats, their mascot.
The athletic field, for the school district, is a real beauty.
I wouldn't want to test the signs' meaning.
After all, this is small town Texas.
When I took the photos,
I wanted to demonstrate how windy it was....
It also was about 42 degrees,
 with a wind chill in the high 30's.
As so often in photographing,
it's when I edit them that I notice other interesting things.
We are a county and state with many trucks.
The parking area demonstrates that fact.
I see 7 trucks to 3 cars.
I think that ratio about says it all.
I didn't want to leave out our gals....
The Weimer LadyCats
have their very own baseball field.
Enjoy your family and friends,
 with the upcoming week end.
Meggie Mac
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Monday, November 13, 2017

A Barn, Pond, Vintage Building.... for Monday's Country Backroads

The sun came out from behind the clouds,
 just in time to highlight the "new green"
 of the winter grass.
Because we tend to think of muted colors in Autumn,
this shade of green is awkward to the eye.
Turning my camera slightly to the right
 a stock pond comes into view....
with an outstanding fishing pier.
As I continue turning in a circle, the bright green grass pasture has changed
 to the color of the native grass.
There is no shortage of interesting views
 on this Monday morning....
 traveling the country back roads.
Meggie Mac
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Friday, October 27, 2017

Not To Be Ignored......for Friday's Fences

I know I've mentioned Posted Signs before,
 in writing about fences.

The sign has seen better days....
Here, in Texas, I will still take this one seriously.

And, if you might still have a wee bit of doubt,
 this should convince you.

Beyond the fence, hay bales as far as the eye can see...
all from the last cutting of the year.
I'm not sure what the owner is protecting,
 unless it's from unwanted deer hunters, that would venture
 in the background woods. 

Besides the last hay cutting....
early autumn brings a profusion of color,
 with the wildflower Bidens aristosa.

In these parts, the common name is Tickweed...
one most of us recognize.

As always,
 I try to leave you with good thoughts for the coming week end.
Strive for...
 "The Best One Ever"
Meggie Mac

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Fresh Look After the Rain Falls.....for Monday's Country Backroads

My camera skills consist of "point and click".
 In spite of that, often I'm lucky enough to capture some nice photos.
What I believe I do have is an eye for composition.
The above photo came about yesterday,
 while traveling to a neighboring town....
through a driving rain storm.
The rain passed, and the sky began to lighten enough
 to get a few quick shots near The Bluff.
Click HERE
to remind yourself of The Bluff...
a spot I frequently photograph.
You can see the beauty in the background....
as the trees rise up the back side of The Bluff. we are again with a new week before us.
The possibilities are endless....
Meggie Mac
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Friday, October 20, 2017

A Simple Country Photo....for Friday Fences

Maybe yes, and maybe not so simple....
There is much to see in this photo, that might first be overlooked.
The wheel, incorporated in the metal entrance fence,
is what first got my attention to photograph.
Then, you see the typical and so familiar cedar post and barbed wire fencing,
 attached to the entrance.
There is a line of thick woods just beyond the cleared grazing land.
A few cattle are lazily grazing, in the cool of the morning.
But, on a second look at my photo, what jumped of the page,
 are the two red dots.
Familiar to you ?
They are 3 inch double sided reflectors,
that show up when your headlights shine on them.
It's funny how something so simple as 2 red dots on a photo,
can jog the memory....
to my moving to the country, so long ago.
Click HERE
if you would like to see some of those first photos
 of renovating the farm house.
I had given up my life in the city, bought a dilapidated old farm,
with an overgrown nearly invisible driveway.
One of the first things after mowing the tall prairie grass,
was to install two reflectors, so I wouldn't miss the driveway after dark.
The week end is upon us.....with reflectors in mind,
See your way to a wonderful time.
Meggie Mac
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Monday, October 16, 2017

A Different Kind of Autumn Coloring...for Monday's Country Backroads

Autumn, in my part of Texas, moves in quietly.
Colors do change,
but in more muted colors like you see in my photo.
Even the flowers in the garden breathe a sigh of relief,
 as the evening coolness lingers until late morning.
The tall grasses come back to life
 and green appears again.
And the rust of metal barns seem to deepen in color.
It's Monday and....
 we all have a chance to start over with a new week.
Enjoy it.
Meggie Mac
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Wide Open Spaces, Land That I Love....for Friday's Fences

This is my reward for getting an early start...
 The camera says it all...
So, why would I ever consider tweaking this photo.
You must be ready for the changes....
it takes only moments to go from this photo to the first photo.
Did you notice, in all three photos, the two kissing fence posts?
The week end is almost here.
Share it with someone special...
Meggie Mac
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Who Says I Can't Fish Here.... for Monday's Country Backroads

 It's so tempting on this early Monday morning,
especially since I don't see a "Posted" sign.
So have some fun this week.
Go find a fence.... and climb over.
Meggie Mac

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Church Once Rolled on Logs...for InSPIREd Sunday

Can you imagine a building this size moved by rolling logs under it?
That is exactly what happened in 1873.
Of course, in 1873, the car and truck traffic was not an issue.
But, I live on this prairie....
 and I know these rolling hills must have been a challenge,
 for a move such as this.
Using the name Union Church, from 1885-1913,
several faiths shared this sanctuary.
It was reorganized in 1927 as First Baptist Church.
(Information obtained from:  )
So you are curious why there is a sign "Not An Entrance"...
I was, too.
Fortunately while I was taking the photographs, someone stepped outside the church.
It was the music director.
She was kind enough to give me a quick tour inside and explain the sign on the door.
The old church building is now being used as their Fellowship Hall,
 with entrance through the new construction.
What a wonderful way to tie the two buildings together.
While touring...she said the bell,
still in the old bell tower,
 is rung on Sunday morning.
The windows also remain in the 1800's structure.
The newest construction is where the Sunday Morning Services are held.
Enjoy your Sunday...
Meggie Mac
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