Friday, September 29, 2017

Texas Ranchette Pride....for Friday's Fences

It's obvious to me...
this family is proud of their Ranchette and it's entrance.
I know, from experience, it is not easy to maintain a fresh look
 in our hot Texas sun.
The look exemplifies our...
"Texas Welcome"
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Summer Orange Fading....for a Wednesday Garden Update

Because our temperatures are changing to Autumn,
I wanted to post some of the last of what I call
"summer orange".
The Caesalpinia pulcherrima loves our very hot summers.
I can already see the seed pods forming,
 so these blooms are coming to an end until next year.
You may refer to the plant as
"Pride of Barbados" or "Mexican Bird of Paradise"
Portulaca is another flowering plant
 I can count on for the hottest days of summer.
It, too, is beginning to fade with the cooler night temperatures
As you might remember, this year I bought my first Satsuma Orange Tree.
And, much to my surprise,
the small tree gifted me with about a dozen oranges.
So move over Summer Orange....
and make room for chrysanthemums and
 pumpkins !

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Salute to our Flags.....

I really enjoy getting out and about so early in the morning.
It's the simple things one can experience at this hour... like
watching the daily ritual of raising our Texas flag
 along side our American flag,
a symbol of who we are and our shared values.
It wasn't until I started editing the photos, that I realized
 it must be a brand new flag.
 You can still see the fold creases on it.
It warms my heart,
to watch this small Texas town
 wake up in the morning...

Monday, September 25, 2017

Small Town Main Street ....for Monday's Country Roads

Organic Coffee ?
In a Small Town?
Well, true to the sign, that is exactly what I will be getting
 this early morning.
And, how early would that be?
The sun is showing it's face just above the horizon...
As you can see,
the main street is still empty of parked cars.
It's my favorite time of the day.
A table is waiting outside for me,
how about joining me inside, for a cup of special blend.
We can catch up with some town news
 and, maybe a little gossip.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Swiss Alp, Texas Lutheran Church...for InSPIREd Sunday

What a perfect way to start my Sunday...
photographing just after sunrise.
I know you are thinking there is a light on in the church alcove.
But in truth, it is the rising sun shining on an east facing window,
 producing this lovely glow in the front of the church.
Today is not my first time to post about the church I refer to as,
 " Church in the Wildwood"
And, although it is not a little brown church, as the lyrics of the song read,
I can hear the tune being sung in this 
 perfect country setting..
Click HERE 
to read the story of how the lyrics came about.
As with most country churches, a cemetery is part of the complete picture.
"How sweet on a clear Sabbath morning
To listen to the clear ringing bells
It's tones so sweetly are calling
Oh, come to the church in the vale"
You still have time to make the morning service...
All are welcome !
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Curious Eyes On Me While Photographing .....for Friday's Fences

A familiar sight.....
 while driving the country backroads,
 where I live.
I can always count on at least one cow, out of the herd,
dipping in the pond.
The reflections are amazing,
 on this early morning photo adventure.
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Friday, September 1, 2017

Stone Fencing with a View...for Friday Fences

For me, stone fences conjure up all kinds of questions.
who did the actual work, how did they gather all of them to this location...
and, maybe the year they were set into place.
Can you imagine the labor that went into this project?
It's not like they had the option of Home Depot,
 to order a pallet of stone delivered.
I know this first hand from laying my own berm of stone.
It's quite obvious, from the first photo, I'm short on experience.
I put mine down, in the back garden area,
to slow down the flow of water from heavy rains.
And, here I am again, at The Bluff,
with one foot on the stone fence,
 looking at the Colorado River almost 200 feet below.
The sun has been out all day,
but the river is still swollen with Harvey's flood waters.
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