Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Touches Lives on the Prairie

The Bluff, as it is called by the locals, is one of
 my favorite places to photograph.
Just 10 days ago,
 I made a quick trip over to find some peace and reflection time,
 so easily found on this spot.
Don't let the photo deceive you....
I am standing 200 feet above the river.
There is a sharp drop-down.
Less than a week later, Harvey hit the coast of Texas,
 dumping some 52 inches of rain near here.
Today the road was finally opened
 so I might come back and photograph the changes. 
Monday, the river crested at 54 feet, leaving a path of destruction behind.
You can see one of the bridges in the far distance,
 on the upper right hand side.
Today, that bridge is still shut down.
Here is a link to show some aerial views.
This is what swift moving water can do.
I photographed for awhile....
but it made me so sick,
 I had to stop and return home.
My home, which is about 20 miles away on higher ground,
 had 4 straight days of rain, day and night, along with very strong winds...
Nothing to complain about...
Thankful is what I am today.
Very Thankful
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