Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Flowers at the Cottage

I still haven't decided how to combine the two blogs. Soon, I will be living full-time at the cottage.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

InSPIREd Sunday....Spotting a Country Church from a Distance

The discovery of this church started with an early Saturday morning drive. I often do this when I need to clear my head.
After driving for about a half hour, I saw a sign to a road and town I have only heard about. It was a short 12 mile drive off the main road.
As I neared the small community, population 75, I saw the church steeple towering above the trees.
The blue summer skies paint a perfect backdrop for the white country church.
A shady spot to take a rest.....
Most country churches I photograph, have a cemetery nearby.
The doors of the church were locked. I was already back in my truck, when a car drove up.
As his car door opened, I was half expecting it to be the priest. But, instead, it was one of the parishioners.
Lucky for me.... and you, my dear readers, he had a key. He was kind enough to open the church for a few quick photos.
It is very common, in the area where I live, to see faux marble painted in the interiors.
The bright sunlight, coming through the glass windows, gave a rosy glow inside.
Over the altar was a hand-painted mural. I wish I had taken more time to photograph it. My understanding is that it is painted on canvas.
Most of the Texas churches, I have photographed,  have designs painted directly on the wood.
I couldn't resist showing you this photo...right there, on the church property, are several shallow oil wells, pumping oil.
After all....this is Texas.
Meggie Mac
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Centuries Old....St. John's Kirk for inSPIREd Sunday

How do you condense the history of a church that has stood since 1440 ? You simply cannot tell all in a short post.
The following quote is from a page on Undiscovered Scotland.
"St John's Kirk of Perth is the oldest building still standing in Perth, Scotland. The main structural elements of the church you see today, were built in stages between 1440 and 1500. This was only a rebuilding of a much earlier church which had stood on this site for so long that the medieval street patterns of Perth developed around it."
This photo (daughter, with magenta backpack in left corner of photo), gives you some idea how the streets of Perth were developed around the church site.
Over time, the building suffered centuries of neglect. For a long period it was divided into 3 separate churches.
Work began, in earnest, in 1923, to restore the church  to a single church. It was to serve as a memorial to the many, from Perth, killed during World War One.
St John's Kirk is one, of many places, my daughter and I will visit again on our next trip. We will make our plans to be there, when the doors are open.
If you would like to see the magnificent interior, click HERE.
I promise you will not be disappointed.
Working on this post for today, and looking at my photos of Scotland, brought back a flood of memories.
Look at that sky....my daughter and I had the most wonderful weather, on our October holiday
in Scotland !
Meggie Mac
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Forest Brings New Adventures

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Meggie Mac

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Rolling Hills Where I Live....

Just visualize me standing on top of this hill, camera in hand...
What a perfect day, photographing the countryside.
Meggie Mac
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Wee Scottish Show and Tell for Thursday

As I continue to box up my kitchen for the final move to the Cottage, I realized I have not written much about the items I purchased last year, while in Scotland.
I wanted my purchases to have meaning when I returned home. Tartan and purple thistles are a winning combination.
The cups were purchased from The Culloden Battlefield gift shop.
So, now my Scottish cups are on their way to my Cottage Kitchen....on the edge of a forest.
Meggie Mac

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Evangelical Lutheran Church for InSPIREd Sunday

A small unassuming white church on a narrow country road.

In the late nineteenth century, Rutersville became a German Lutheran settlement.
During this time, a German-English elementary school, a free public school, was opened.
Members of the church have been meeting here since 1895.
No amount of "shooing" could make these vultures fly away. I tried....but they were still there when I finished photographing, in the 100 degree temperature.
Today's photos remind me of the beloved hymn written by the German theologian, Martin Luther.
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
based on Psalm 46
God is our Refuge and Strength
An Ever-present Help in Trouble.
Meggie Mac
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Breathtaking Views on the Isle of Skye

Here I am, after 8 months, still posting about my trip to Scotland. My daughter and I, along with our driver, were headed for a day of adventure to the Trotternish Ridge, on the beautiful Isle of Skye.
What you are viewing, in the photo, is one of the most recognisable landmarks, the Old Man of Storr. If you look slightly right of center, you can see the peak formation rising against the horizon.
This 160ft rocky basalt pinnacle is standing at an elevation 2,359 feet.
Notice how small the fencing looks.
Even at this distance.... there is mystery and romance swirling in the air.
Meggie Mac
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Historial Texas Presbyterian Church for InSPIREd Sunday

Many hours were spent looking for the history on the designated Texas Historical Church. Even the church home page listed no history.
What I do know....the building was originally built with local quarry stone and native timbers.
The stone building was completed in 1894.
It was not recorded as a Texas Historic Landmark until 1971.
The church building was closed on the day I stopped by to photograph.
The best history I could find on this lovely stone church came from a collection of photos taken after a fire in 2002.
Click HERE to read a brief history, and view a slide show of amazing photos, showing the steps taken to restore this beautiful Texas church.
Meggie Mac
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