Monday, January 20, 2014

Leakey's Bookshop, Gallery, and Cafe....Inverness, Scotland

If you love browsing old bookstores, my dear readers, this is one you don't want to miss while traveling in Scotland. It is thought to be the largest second-hand book store in all of Scotland, with well over 100,000 books. It also has an extensive selection of old prints.

Not only is it a historical building ...but, it's walls have some very sad events to recall.

The Old Gaelic Church has beautiful stain-glass windows...

and, interesting architectural features, left intack from many years ago.

Some of that history is re-told on the bookshop cafe menu.
This is of particular meaning to me, since the trip was planned around a connection with my ancestors. I could almost hear Scotland's sad story whispered, of Jacobite prisoners, shot outside these walls.

My daughter and I laughed about eating our way through-out Scotland, many times tempted to eat "dessert first". I also enjoyed a wonderful bowl of carrot and coriander soup served with crusty homemade bread.
We decided to enjoy lunch, and browse later with the idea of walking off some calories.

The bistro-type cafe is on the upper level, with a view of the entire store. Books fill the shelves, with overflowing stacks displayed on tables.

To make it complete, there is a rather large black wood-burning stove, situated in the middle of the lower level. You can see the hefty supply of stored wood, to keep the fire burning.
Now that I am home again, thinking about the bookshop, I realize one could spend their entire holiday in Inverness, at the Leakey Bookshop.
Unfortunately, we only had a few hours of browsing...there was so much more to see.
Meggie Mac

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Thursday Show and Tell from Poland

Boleslawiec, Poland is known for beautiful vibrant colored pottery. I am lucky to have received this piece from my youngest daughter and son-in-law from their last years' travels to Poland. 

The word Unikat simply means unique. The pottery pieces painted by original masters, sign their work. These pieces command a higher price and are very collectible.

The hand-painted fluted bowl on pedestal, was purchased at the Night Market in the Main Square of Old Town of Krakow, Poland. The photo above was taken while they were shopping.

In the background is the Cloth Market and the free-standing Town Hall Tower.

This is the inside of the Cloth Market after hours. 

Blue Daisies cover the inside of the bowl...I was thinking Ambrosia with big chunks of oranges would be perfect served in my bowl !
Meggie Mac

Monday, January 6, 2014

Celebrating the 12th Day of Christmas...Three Kings Day

Instead of baking the traditional King's Bread, for today's celebration, I decided to make sugar cookies, using the camel cookie cutter I purchased last year.

To make my baking even sweeter, I used my mother's rolling pin. You may remember me writing about My Mother, who died about a year ago. If she had lived, tomorrow she would have been 91 years old.

The camels were not as easy as I thought they would you can see, some of the legs are longer.

Misshapen cookies still taste good !
Meggie Mac

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