Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lemons and Tomatoes...for a Wednesday Garden Update

The dream of growing my own citrus fruit... 
It seems I will be getting my wish
 from these unopened blooms, that will grow my first lemons.
In fact, some have already opened.
The name is Meyer Lemon Tree......
 and you may click HERE to read about them.
Just look....tiny lemons have begun to form
Let's do the  math....
I paid $35.00 for the tree. At 50 cents per lemon (store bought)
It will need to produce 70 lemons to pay for the tree. 
With the tree blooming twice a year,
I think it's an achievable goal.

My Early Girl Tomatoes
Because they produce fruit in about 50 days,
 I always plant at least 2 or 3 plants.
Do you grow Early Girl Tomatoes?
Click HERE
to read about them.
It just may convince you to give them a try.
If they continue to grow at this pace,
 I will be  enjoying fresh sliced tomatoes in less than a month.
Meggie Mac

Friday, March 24, 2017

Weather Beaten.....for Friday Fences

New wood teams up with a fence post,
 etched by
 Time and the Texas Summers.   
I'm on the hunt today....
traveling a country back road
through the rolling hills of the prairie.
a Family Cemetery.
Meggie Mac
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish and Green for the Day.....on Friday's Fences

The entrance gate of this beautiful green fence,
have the words "Shamrock" and "Lucky" displayed,
 along with an Irish surname.
I checked my map...
 and there is a town located in the Texas Panhandle, 
named Shamrock.
We also have a Dublin, located in central Texas.
My own special Leprechaun....
According to Wikipedia, a 2013 census shows
there are 33.3 million Americans who reported Irish Heritage,
 and 3 million who claim Scots-Irish Heritage.
It's no wonder there are so many parades and celebrations for this holiday.
Happy St Patrick's Day....
Meggie Mac
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Vintage Fenton Vase....for Thursday's Show and Tell

As with most of my purchases,
 they were simply bought on a whim, because I liked it.
Posting my "Show and Tell" gives me the opportunity to research the collectible.
Today's small vase is a good example.
Here is what I have discovered on a purchase made 15 years ago.
It is called a "White French Opalescent Coin Dot Top Hat Vase".
It is a long title for a 3 1/2" tall vase.
According to Wikipedia
 the Fenton Art Glass Company
 made coin dot during 1947, 1952-54, and 1956-64.
The dollar value is probably $25.00
Even though all these facts are interesting....
I bought it because I liked how it looked. 
Meggie Mac

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Gaggle of Mailboxes ....for Monday's Country Back Roads

Can three qualify as a gaggle?
Maybe cluster is the more appropriate term.
This particular backroad is one of my favorite and most traveled.
It leads me to a small town where I do a great deal of my shopping.
As with most of these roads I travel on, not much has changed over the years.
Yes... the trees have grown taller,
and some of the older wooden buildings are leaning just a little bit more.
 Come Spring, I can always count on finding the bluebonnets in the same spots.
All the rain, in February and March, has made everything green-up quickly.
 Our state flower, The Bluebonnet, is beginning to show along the countryside.
The temperature has turned crisp this morning....
As I walk around, I can feel the soft rain saturated ground beneath my feet.
This truly is a beautiful spot to share with you.
Meggie Mac

Friday, March 10, 2017

Photographing in the Rain......for Friday's Fences

Drizzling and a little fog....makes for an interesting photo.
It's the first time I've noticed how
 black the cedar fence post become, when it rains. 
And....the blurred spot over the right fence post,
 was caused by the moisture.
I find it exhilarating to be out on the prairie roads,
 so early in the morning
Meggie Mac
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pass Along Plants to Share...for a Wednesday Garden Update

The color is almost too beautiful for words.
When I first bought the bungalow,
my neighbor shared these irises from her garden.
It was some years ago that I purchased a book called "Passalong Plants"
by Steve Bender and Felder Rushing.
My friend's gift of irises, reminded me of the book.

The pass along term can also be applied to the yellow sedum.
Every place a pinch is dropped, it takes root.
And....if you look closely to the brick,
 tiny Katie Ruellias have sprouted. 
The Ruellia is the plant to the left of the sedum.
Mine bloom purple and pink during the summer months.
Since I love the look of a natural (unruly) garden,
I will leave some to grow in the walkways.
The others will be pulled and potted to be given as...
you guessed it...
Pass Along Flowers!
Another returning flower is the Rudbeckia (upright green foliage).
 As it warms up, they will begin to bloom with flowers you may know
 as Black-Eyed Susans.
While the temperature is still cool, the sweet alyssum will continue to bloom.
And now...turning to the vegetables.
It will be a race against the heat, to see if the broccoli has time to mature.
After so much rain this past week,
 I'm sure the red oak leaf lettuce will soon be ready for the salad bowl.
Last for this post...
here is a little gadget I purchased to help.
I'm anxious to see how it works with tiny carrot seeds.
Have you ever tried a Seed Sower?
Meggie Mac
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