Monday, April 29, 2013

Russian Black Bread at the Farmer's Market

It started out as a typical Saturday morning with a trip into town. My first stop was the Farmer's Market on the Town Square. If you would like to read more about the Town Square click HERE.

While writing this post, I realized there was no way I could tell you everything I learned, in the time I spent shopping at this small farmer's market. It is a place to buy fresh food, grown on the land that surrounds my home.

The woman who bakes the bread starts the day before, by renting the kitchen of her church. She told me she has the three ovens all going at the same time.

You see each table at the market, lined up with coolers. Can you just imagine how much work it is to gather the vegetables from the garden, store them in coolers and then load them up for the trip into town?

There is no way a super market chain can provide you with this "fresh"......

Here you are able to talk to the grower, ask questions, and share information on how to grow your own.

The market is not just limited to fresh vegetables. There is a wide variety of jellies, jams, salsa, and canned peaches and pears.

I guess a local market would not be complete without a table of fine crochet work.

When the introduction to new friends, the sharing of ideas, and the buying was over, I had an arm-load of goodies.

Can you imagine the flavor the fresh onions will give to my pot of vegetable soup?

The real prize was the loaf of Russian Black Bread. As you can see, I didn't waste anytime in tasting it.....

If you doubt how much I love the place I call home, just browse around my blog and read my stories. I have come to realize how strong and confident the women are who live in my community. They are friendly and open in sharing their knowledge and skills.

In one short hour, of shopping at the farmer's market, I met new friends,  found new recipes and how to grow bigger and better onions.....all given "freely".

Meggie Mac

Monday, April 22, 2013

Waves and Waves of Yellow

This is the time of year wildflowers cover the hills and road sides of the Blackland Prairie. Today, yellow was the predominant color for miles and miles.

The last few weeks bluebonnets, the Texas State Flower, have been the color most noticeable.

Then came the pink primrose...

As much as I would like to identify the yellow coreopsis-like flower, I could not decide on it's identity. If you would like to click HERE, you can see my dilemma. The delicate maroon colored flower is a Wine Cup.

I decided to sit down on the ground and let the wild Texas grass and flowers surround me.

At that moment, everything seemed so perfect......

Meggie Mac

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Fences

The beauty of laundry blowin' in the wind....just beyond the fence.
Meggie Mac
I'm linking with Jan n' Jer's Friday Fences

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not the Typical Thursday Post

Thursday is usually my day to post another Show and Tell. This morning I awakened to news of a terrible explosion in a small Texas community. Much like the towns surrounding where I live, the population is about 2,500.

The report, so far, is 5-15 dead, and over 160 injured.

I ask that you remember the people of West, Texas in your prayers......

Meggie Mac

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Before They Disappear

The roadsides and pastures are bursting with color from Spring's wildflowers.

The wide open spaces of Texas are breathtaking with nature creating these spectacular views. I wanted to capture the landscape before the blooms are gone for another year.

Click on photo to reveal it's beauty
A close-up like this truly shows the beauty of each flower of the Indian Blanket, also called Fire Wheel.

Do you agree, a photo of the Texas Yellow Star would be lovely framed, and given as a gift?

The tight cluster of light pink blooms from the Primrose....

I would not dream of walking through the thick patch of flowers, for fear of stepping on a single Bluebonnet, the Texas State Flower.

Even a Claude Monet painting could not move me more, than standing in a pasture of Wildflowers on the Prairie....

Meggie Mac

Monday, April 15, 2013

Seeing Spots on Monday's Country Back Roads

For a long time, I have watched and waited to photograph this little fella. In case you are wondering, this is a Spotted Ass.

Every time I passed by him, on the country road, he was just too far away to get a good photograph.

I spotted him (no pun intended) several months ago and fell in love with him.

Click on Photo to see Larger
His partner, in the pasture, was not as co-operative. I'm thinking you will still be impressed with his spots and longhorns, that is, Texas Longhorns.

Don't you agree he is adorable? Definitely worth the wait......

Meggie Mac

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Fences

Click on photo for a larger image
 Sometimes when Friday rolls around, I feel the way this fence looks...sagging just a little.
The big bunch of yellow flowers added a smile to my face.
Meggie Mac
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Show and Tell from 1881

I'm tempted to say, "How cool is this!" It is an drawing, dated 1881, I have found of my home, Das Kleine Haus.

It was quite by accident that I discovered it. Most older finds have layers of information, just waiting for someone to do the looking.

I was in the library on Saturday afternoon, doing some research on one of the towns near my home. As I was leaving the historical archives, I looked over at a large drawing displayed on the wall.

It was labeled "Birds Eye View". Giving it a closer look, I saw my home on the landscape lay-out.

Birds Eye View drawings became very popular after the Civil War between the States. This particular illustrator drew over 200 in his career. If you would like to read more about it, click HERE.

I'm still searching for some older photographs to share with you.

Although there have been changes to the outside over the past 130 years, the inside staircase and newel post have remained the same. I often wonder, as I climb the stairs, just how many lives have touched this same hand rail and stairs.....

Meggie Mac

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cowboys, Cowgirls, Horses and Team Roping

A friend of mine asked if I would like to come out to the rodeo arena to watch him compete in the Sunday Team Roping Event.

As you read this post, and view my photos of yesterday's events, keep in mind this is Texas. Horses, cattle, boots, hats, jeans, working the land, and western history are a big part of many lives, especially in small towns.

This must be the way...


Yes...I think I have found some of the riders. There are tens of thousands of amateur ropers across the country, who compete for millions of dollars in prize money.

This technique was originally developed on working ranches, when it became necessary to capture and restrain a full-grown animal that was too large to handle by a single man.

A western saddle with specialized features is used for the event.

The contestants are lined up as teams, waiting for their turn to beat the clock.


                    Once the steer is released into the rodeo arena, the team makes a fast break to rope him.

Click on Photo
The steer has protective horn wraps that go around the horns to prevent rope burns. The horses also wear protective bell boots on their legs.

It is not as easy as it looks....many times the steer gets away.

There is a great deal of skill and horsemanship that goes into the contest. The horses are fast, sure-footed, and well muscled.

You may be thinking this is strictly an Cowboy sport, but you would be wrong. Team Roping is the only rodeo event where men and women compete equally.

A pat of the hand for recognition of a job well done....

I would like to emphasize this is just a part of what Texas is about. Texas is bigger than many countries and we are a diverse people. There is no shortage of the arts and wonderful music that includes the symphony and opera. We have large cities with tall high-rise buildings and many universities and museums.

Yesterday's event took place after lunch, when the sun was high in the sky. It was a day of sunshine and enough winds that my hat would not stay on my head.

Fortunately, like many of the riders, I brought my baseball cap along for the day. It is never wise, to go without a hat, in the Texas sun...

I wasn't the only one having trouble with a hat.

Much to his father's chagrin, the little buckaroo finally took both hands and bent the brim of his hat down....

Meggie Mac

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