Friday, June 27, 2014

It's Friday and Another Texas Ranch Fence

The clouds, in the background, almost take center-stage in the ranch gate and fence photo.
Looking down the fence line....
When I first saw this ranch gate, I had to laugh...
An oldies song, sung by the Crystals, popped in my head.
The first line of the lyrics are....
"I met him on a Monday and my heart stood still.
Da Doo Ron-Ron-Ron"
Meggie Mac
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eastlake and Victorian Meet for Thursday Show and Tell

Although I am spending most of my time in the cottage (click HERE to read about the cottage), my furniture remains in Das Kleine Haus until the sale is final.
The walnut piano stool is one of the few things I have already brought to the cottage.
The stool was a real gem of a find. The price of $3.00 was not the only reason I purchased it. I knew it could have a better life in my home.
The first thing changed, was the rectangular swivel seat to a round one. Romantic roses and fringe just seem to fit.
Tilted on its side, you can see the influences of Eastlake style.
Another piece I have brought, is a small armless, stick & ball rocker.
From research on the Internet, I know this is called a "Ladies Rocker", or a sewing rocker. It was very popular in Victorian homes.
To this day, it is still a great chair to sit on while crocheting or hand sewing.
Meggie Mac 

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Mystery Ranch for Friday

There is a stretch of country roads I regularly travel on, that have some rather large ranches with impressive gates and fences.
Do you know what famous person owns this ranch? If you click HERE, you will find your answer.
The fence seems to go on it climbs the hill, each section is installed a little higher than the previous one.
What a great view....the American flag on one side and the Texas State flag flying on the other.
Along this same road is another ranch, with a name straight from an Old West saga.
Meggie Mac
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Southern Magnolia Bloom...Flower of the Week

How lucky I am to have this lovely Southern Magnolia tree growing so near the cottage. The blooms are one of the largest flowers in Northern America, having a diameter of 14 inches.
The tree has already reached a height of approximately 18 feet tall. Eventually it could grow from 60 to 80 feet.
What a surprise to see a bud like this, open to such a beautiful flower.
The stamens, as they drop, often collect in the concave petals.
Bees are attracted by the legendary fragrance of the blooms.
Meggie Mac
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Flower Power on Monday's Country Backroads

While traveling the country roads, I often pass this nursery.  It is located in the tiny community of Roans Prairie...population, 56 residents. 
I have watched the flowers change from early spring to summer blooming flowers.  
The bright red Beetle Bug just wouldn't be complete without Eyelashes....
Meggie Mac
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