Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vintage Czechoslovakian Bowl for Thursday Show and Tell

Dear readers, welcome to my dining room.
It's Thursday..... and I have another show and tell to share with you.
Just look how the finish reflects images of my dining room chairs.
After hours of searching, I discovered it was made in Czechoslovakia by the Gebruder Benedikt Factory between 1925-1939. At first I was looking for a "B T" mark. As it turns out, you are looking at "Made by GB"
I often wonder how something so fragile, as this porcelain pearl lustreware bowl, could survive so many years without a nick on the rim. The gold trim is a little worn, but other wise it is in good condition.
Meggie Mac

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Thursday Show and Tell with Goofus Glass

The seven point star magnifier and paperweight has been part of my writing desk for many years. As so often when I write a post, I learn much more about the subject, while writing.
So, today I learned this is called Goofus Glass, produced in the US during the early 1900's.
Much to my surprise, my dining table floral bouquet is reflected in the paperweight.

Goofus Glass is not a type of glass, but named as such because of the cold, unfired paint used on each piece. They were usually given as a premium for buying things or as prizes at fairs.
Do you have any Goofus Glass?
 A heptagram, septagram or septeram is a seven-pointed star drawn with
seven straight strokes.
According to Wikipedia, "The heptagram was used in Christianity to symbolize the seven days of creation and became a traditional symbol for warding off evil".
Click HERE to read more about seven point stars.
Beside the fact that it is an interesting piece, it really does work as a magnifier.
Meggie Mac

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday...A Robin Within a Scottish Castle Wall

Doesn't he look a little shy? I still don't know how I managed to get a photo of him.
Most of the time he was flying around in a small cavernous spot, within the walls of Eilean Donan Castle. 
While I was photographing the robin, I thought his behavior was because he felt trapped.
Looking back on the incident, I now believe he and his mate had a nest close by....and, he was only trying to protect them from my intrusion.
Click HERE to read my post about Eilean Donan Castle.
Meggie Mac
Today, for my first time, I'm linking with Wild Bird Wednesday.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mondays Country Backroads... Looking for Shamrocks


Lá Fhéile Padraig
Today St. Patrick is remembered through-out the world, especially in Ireland, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand.
When I first saw the green ranch fence, I knew exactly what day I would post the photos.
 The ranch has used the word "Shamrock" and "Lucky" in it's name.
The entrance gate is flanked, on both sides, with an intricately cut metal design.
Why not wear a little green and join the celebration...
Meggie Mac

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Traveling Through Scotland...One Dessert at a Time

The title of my post is laughable, but, oh so true. From day one, I noticed how different everything tasted.
Our first menu, in Scotland, was from a small pub/restaurant.
It was fish and chips....and mushy peas.
Another side-street café serving lunch.
With a chill in the air most days, soup was my first choice for lunch.
And, always followed by coffee and a special dessert.
There was no resisting with window displays like this.
For our evening meal, my daughter and I, would decide on a nice restaurant.
And, of course, another dessert.
A Scottish Burger, to put all other burgers to shame !
More soup and their famous fresh seafood.
Followed by the sharing of each other's dessert.
No trip to Scotland would be complete without trying Haggis.
......and, so I did.
Yes, it was followed by dessert !!
We even found the food cart, on the train, tempting.
Nothing like a Tunnock's Caramel Bar for an afternoon pick-me-up.
After leaving Glasgow, we noticed signs in Gaelic and English.
No words necessary in English or Gaelic...just point in the direction of chocolate.
So what shall we order this time....
Maybe something small ?
I've been wondering why my senses seem to peak while traveling in Scotland...could it be because I was on my dream holiday? I do know, it was a very happy time for me.
And, the chance to travel with my youngest daughter, only sweetened the experience.
Meggie Mac

Friday, March 7, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Looking for Warmer Days and Sunshine....

"Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire inside is delightful
And since we have no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"
In truth, there is no snow today.... instead we do have dangerous ice!
Meggie Mac
Song lyrics written by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne in July 1945.

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