Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday's Country Back Roads

While driving the country roads over the week end, I saw this pier on a farm stock pond. Wouldn't it be nice to be sitting on that pier, early in the morning, watching the sunrise?

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This photo gives you a better perspective of the great outdoors surrounding the stock pond. It is one of the many reasons I love living in this area.

Thoughts of fishing from that pier, brought to mind, a painting I did of my son when he was very young. As a family, we were fishing on the Colorado River. It was such an adorable photo, that I decided to turn it into a painting.

I'm reminded, today, how precious life is.....

Meggie Mac

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Looks Like a Pub to Me

Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas
At the moment, this is my favorite place to eat....the tortillas are hand made in the restaurant's kitchen. Everything is prepared from scratch.
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My plate includes the Quesadillas, charro beans, guacamole, pica de gallo, sour cream, and Hispanic rice.  Quesadillas can be made with meat or vegetables, like spinach, along with cheese.

The establishment is called a "Restaurant and Grill". Wine and beer may be served with your meal. There is a guitarist playing music in the evenings. I think it has the feeling of a Pub.

Usually I arrive in mid-afternoon, on Saturday, after the lunch rush is over. The owner knows me by name, expecting me to come this time of day. It is one of the beauties of small town living.

My favorite table by the door....

Still warm with a sprinkling of cinnamon....

Click on the link below to read a short history of the Sopapillas
I couldn't resist, when the owner of the restaurant offered to make Sopapillas for dessert. I asked her to put them in a to-go-box. But, first I had to sample them. Look how light and flaky they are. You drizzle honey over the top, and take a bite.

Wish you could join me next Saturday for afternoon lunch !

Meggie Mac

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday's Country Back Roads

October on the Prairie brings...

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Waves of yellow wildflowers, lining both sides of the road.

The pasture land is so picturesque, with a field of yellow broomweed in the background.

As I continued to drive the road to Das Kleine Haus, I saw several large birds, on the ground, that looked very different from any I had ever seen.

I was afraid if I opened the truck door and stepped out, I would scare them off. So, I decided to turn the truck around and let down the window, photographing from the truck.

Here is what I saw in the distance....

Eventually, they caught sight of my movement...bringing them to take flight.
After google searching, I found out they are the Southern Crested Caracara, a member of the falcon family.
How lucky for me, to be driving the back roads and witness these beautiful and unusual falcons.
Meggie Mac

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Standing Stones...I Dream of You

Just repeating the words, Standing Stones, makes me think of Scotland, the land of my father's ancestors.

No, the photo was not taken in Scotland. Once again, while traveling the Country Roads on the Prairie, I found this interesting group of stones.

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It is not my story to tell of how they came to be in this place....

Nor the significance of their existence.

What I do know is, I can close my eyes and dream of a land I wish to visit. A land where my father's great-great-great grandfather walked with his clan....

Meggie Mac

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Color of Pumpkins

I couldn't resist buying these mini-pumpkins, I saw in the produce department, of the the grocery store.

While everything continues to be stacked in plastic containers, from the recent move, it almost seems absurd to be thinking about decorating.

To help keep my sanity, I have cleared one spot, in each room. I think of it as a "vignette of what is to come".

Even outside on the the porch, I have washed the windows. Look how clean....the reflections of my driveway.

Add a little fall color to the chair cushions....and it is beginning to feel like home !

Meggie Mac

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Hunter's Delight


In Texas, October brings cooler weather. For the men, in this small community it means.... Hunting Season is just around the corner!

I remembered this sign from last year. Actually, it was a hand-written sign the first time I saw it. I'm thinking it was so successful, they were able to purchase this printed one. 

Back side of Town Square buildings

Check out my post on the Court House On the Square that you see in the background of the above photo.

When thinking about what the sign says, I must admit it brought on a chuckle. On the other hand, I know how serious the men take their hunting seasons.

My son hunts.....something he learned from his father and their family. It was always a "big to do" in November. The men packed up their gear, while the women prepared lots of food, including my special pecan pies, to sustain them.

What I remember most about it, was the fact that our freezer had deer steaks, chili meat and plenty of pecan smoked sausage for the rest of the year. Our family has always eaten whatever the men brought home from the hunt.

Meggie Mac

On a personal note: Thank you all for the wonderful response and hopeful words on yesterday's post. I do appreciate your support of my blog. Sweet sorrow made me think of today's post, when my children's father and my son would be so excited about Hunting Season.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chapter Two...on the Prairie

There is no shortage of things to write about as I continue to travel the Back Roads on the Prairie.

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Each year the Giant Reed, sometimes called Wild Cane, begins to bloom in August and September. The tall perennial grass will grow to 20 feet tall.

The two foot long, plume like panicles are quite showy, swaying back and forth with the prairie winds.

I try not to take anything for granted in this life that I live on the prairie, including something so common as the roadside plant life. It seems to come back each year so effortlessly.

We all have things around us that seem to be just there. Life has changed drastically for me in the last few months, but particularly the last few weeks.

As you know from reading my blog, the sale of the farm has been impending for some time. You may also know that I lost my mother only a few weeks ago.

This week, the father of my children has also died. My family is in mourning, as am I. Within just a few short weeks, the two people who most influenced the first 42 years of my life are gone.

And in all that sadness, the final papers on the farm were signed yesterday....the passing of the keys.

This Saturday will be the First Day, of Chapter Two, in the life of Meggie on the Prairie.

Life is Good......and God continues to bless me.

Meggie Mac

Saturday, October 6, 2012

What Mysteries Lie Inside This Case

Until I sent these photos to my dearest friend, Elaine, this was just a vintage leather valise I had purchased, at an estate sale, more than 20 years ago.

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It was during the move to Das Kleine Haus that I took another look at the labels attached to the small case. I thought how intriguing that it had labels from the UK. Addresses have been written, scratched through, and new ones entered.

It was Elaine, at Pear Tree Log, who has brought life and excitement to a well traveled bag...a valise that had it's origin across the ocean from where I live in Texas, to a small island called Isle of Man.

As I read her email, I realized our relationship had taken on another layer of connection between us.

Three Legged Symbol

She wrote the following:

"The three legged symbol stands for the Isle of Man, which is a small island of about 32 miles long by 14 miles wide. It lies in the sea between Great Britain and Ireland. It is a place I have visited many times - a wonderful island of amazingly varied terrain for such a small place, very peaceful with fascinating history. For a while, we used to visit for 2 or 3 weeks at a time every other month. It is very dear to our hearts."

 Just above the key hole is the three legged symbol, etched in the brass lock.

I can't explain why I never opened the luggage until a few days ago. All these years, the ribbon has been tied so neatly, in a bow.

What a wonderful coincidence to now have a friend and myself connected in such an unusual way.

My imagination is swirling around the mystery, of how the valise traveled so many miles to America....

Meggie Mac

Monday, October 1, 2012

Where is Home?

Morning Sunlite Across My Headboard
Calling Das Kleine Haus home doesn't feel the moment.

You know how it is, when you are on vacation and first wake in the morning. For a split second you are not sure where you are. That is how I felt waking up the first morning at Das Kleine Haus.

It didn't take long before I saw all my clothes packed in plastic containers...and remembered, I have moved.

Taking the first peek downstairs...yes, it is my furniture, just re-arranged somewhat. The big pieces of furniture are in place with everything else lined up against each wall.

The artwork in containers

Lamps. baskets and chairs, organized by categories, just waiting to be chosen for a new spot in the Haus.

It will take time to sort through it all. I'm hoping you will enjoy watching as I take on my new life at Das Kleine Haus on the Prairie.

Meggie Mac
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