Sisterhood of the Apron

This story begins with my dear friend, Susan, and her blog, My Mother's Apron Strings. I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of her beautiful aprons.

Click this link, Sisterhood of the Traveling Susan Apron, and you can read how the apron began it's journey.

The magic of the apron has traveled to these kitchens:

Susan @ My Mother's Apron Strings

Meggie @ Meggie on the Prairie

Elaine @ Pear Tree Log

Scarlet @ Tales From Beyond the Nook

Jane @ The Maple Syrup Mob

Deb @  Just Cats

Zaza @ Just Sayin'

Linda @ A La Carte

Diane @ Lavender Dreams  

Marcia @ The Shop Around The Corner

Linda @ Random Creativity

Laura @ Find Home
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