Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Mom, the Cowgirl

Although the quality of the photo is poor, you can still see the first woman on the right is my Mom many years ago. She was a cowgirl for the day, riding on the back of a convertible in the local small-town Texas parade.

This morning as I was looking over the list of errands for the day, my mind drifted over to my Mom. She is the January Birthday Girl in our family.

My Mom, not surprising to our family, is still keeping up the many chores of her home, cooking the meals and in charge of the monies and budget. She also likes to put together 1,000 piece puzzles and play dominoes.

She did give up driving a couple of years ago. But, she can still sit in the front seat and give the driver "directions".

Are you asking yourself, "What is so unusual about these qualities in a mother?"

Well, my Mom celebrated her 89th birthday this month......and baked her own birthday cake for her family to enjoy! I guess in some ways, my Mom is still a cowgirl.

Happy Birthday Mom!
Meggie Mac


  1. I salute your Mom! What an amazing woman to still be capable of so many things, lots of people just stop trying and expect to be looked after. Happy Birthday, Meggie's Mom!

  2. Wow, what an amazing lady! Happy Birthday to your Mum.

  3. She sounds like an amazing woman. Happy birthday, Meggie's Mom!

  4. Your mom has passed a lot if wonderful qualities onto her daughter. I guess that's why you have the Cowgirl Room. I need to ind he cowgirl in me.

  5. im also a January Birthday, tomorrow in fact the big 40 & i also always make my own B'day Cake i was thinking cheese cake this year
    i hope your mum had a great day with her family

  6. My Mum is a year younger than yours,but sadly is unable to get around much now.I hope your lovely Mum has many more active years ahead of her.
    Have a restful Sunday. :0)

  7. Does she still wear that cool, cowboy hat? I love this old photo, so fun to take a peek at the past...look at the cars! Amazing that she is 89 and still so healthy, active and a "cowgirl"!!!! You need to post a picture of her now!

  8. Your very sweet well wishes for my Mom has put a smile on my face. I will pass this post and comments on to her.


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