Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Back in the Garden for Wednesday.....With Some New Plants

How could I not buy this plant ?
One of the common names is
Flowering Maple.
The Abutilon "Bella Select Mix",
 is in the mallow family.
The leaves remind me of a maple tree.
It is also heat tolerant...
A good thing,
 because our summers can be brutal.
 Coleus are often referred as "eye dazzlers"
Looks like something has found the foliage tasty.
It is no wonder, with all the rain we've had.
It takes nightly trips, with a flashlight,
 to hunt down the garden snails.

The variegated English Ivy,
 I planted last year,
 is now trailing over the retaining wall.
I hope you enjoyed the sampling of plants today.
It's a lovely spot to enjoy... with a cup of tea.
And today it was served with
 freshly baked lemon pound cake.
Remember, you are always welcome.
Meggie Mac


  1. I am looking forward to planting flowers soon. Yours are beautiful and Coleus is a favorite of mine.

    1. Thank you for your comment.... I've really be lucky this year with some good rain....

  2. I loved seeing, and would love a piece of the lemon pound cake, please! Would love to sit there and read and have a piece of cake...or fun to sit and visit.

    1. Thank you,'s also a good spot for that first cup of morning coffee.

  3. That flowering maple is beautiful. The leaves do look like maple leaves and the flower looks like crepe paper. It's so different and pretty. You have such a pretty place to sit there in the garden.

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