Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday's Project in the Garden

It has been awhile since I have posted about the projects at Das Kleine Haus. Spring has already arrived here on the Prairie.

To tell you the truth, I have been working on the flower and vegetable beds since January, usually the coldest month of the year. There were virtually no gardens when I purchased my 130 year old home.

The pathways started with 4 to 5 loads of decomposed granite, carried in the back of my pick-up truck.

Benjamin, my handyman, spread the granite with shovel and wheelbarrow, as I marked the pathways with landscape fabric.

The next step was to purchase 2 tons of rocks....yes, rocks are heavy.

This is hard work...first deciding how the path will wind around the flowers and vegetable beds. Then, lifting the stones in place.

My idea was to create an English Cottage Garden. Being a Texan, I think it will probably be a combination of both styles.

The African Daisy, with a purple center, is a new flower for me.

And, the typical white Shasta daisy, with the yellow center, is a must for any garden I plant.

Delphiniums, planted on one side of The Studio, are showing off their indigo colored blooms.

One of my favorites, to add to a flower garden, is Powis Artemisia.

This photos was taken Easter Sunday, for my grandchildren. They live out of state, so, I sent them several photos for an "email Easter Egg Hunt".

Starting over can be exciting! The garden takes form as new ideas become reality and flowers begin to blossom.

After all, dreams do come true.....

Meggie Mac


  1. The garden is absolutely stunning. The colour combination is my favourite!
    Jane x

  2. I was very hesitate to show the garden because it is unfinished. I love purple, lavender, white and pink with a touch of yellow. Give it a year, and it will fill in nicely.

  3. I'm so jealous you have fuschia already! I won't plant my "starts" until next weekend. Your project is amazing and I love how you just set out to do something--a true Woman of the Prairie! XOXO

    1. I'm still dragging some things inside at night. Our weather is so unpredictable. 80 some days and 30's sometimes in the night. I think both of us are that way...we have an idea, and then proceed getting it done.

  4. Oh, Meggie - your garden looks just beautiful! I wish I could be there to see it in person :)

    1. You know, I often think I would like to see where you live....the wide open skies! We both live in magical places.

  5. Your flower garden will be beautiful, it already is! We worked outside this weekend as the weather was so nice for a change. It was nice to get some flower beds cleaned out and pots ready for planting. I can't wait to fill them with flowers!


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