Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Morning Dawdling

Do you ever have a morning where you just can't get it "in gear"? Usually, on Saturday mornings, I am dressed and out of the house early enough to make the Farmer's Market. Then, it is on to the other errands in town.

Today proved to be one of those slow mornings. Before I knew it, it was too late for me to buy my veggies on the Town's Square.

I remembered another place...on one of those country back roads, I so often write about.

This is the same place that grows the beautiful poinsettias each Christmas season. Click HERE, to follow-up on a previous post.

It is a farm, located about 3 miles off the same road where I photographed the Century Plant.

How fresh is this? The owner is picking what I need for the week.

Since my garden is small this year, this is the next best thing to growing your own.

Look at the size of his tomato plants...

After weighing the tomatoes, he said the 2 1/2 lbs would be $2.50. Asking about the peppers, he replied, "You can have them for free". Free being one of my favorite words!

                   As I drove out, I could see all kinds of photo opportunities.

A rather old looking tractor.

                                A stock pond near the house.

A broken window, in a weathered unused building.

As I finish writing my post, I'm thinking this is exactly the way my Saturday was supposed to be...a late start.

Otherwise, I would have missed the opportunity to share, with you, another glimpse of my life on the Black Land Prairie.

Meggie Mac


  1. you are so right. things always seem to fall right into place, don't they??! ... always! i love the word FREE too. enjoy your weekend. ( :

  2. Free always gets my attention....That simple, kind gesture will always be remembered by me. And I will go back next week end, when the squash are ready to be picked!

  3. How lucky we are you did have a slow start! Those photo's! Now Texas defenitily is on my once to visit list!! I love it too to buy things at a farmers place, organic healthy food. G.(my partner) has started this year with an allotment, hope we will get tasty vegetables. We already had lots of asparagus, which tasted delicous. It was an inheritance from the previous owner. Enjoy your sunday, groetjes, Gerda

    1. I try to show the beautiful side of share the everyday sites I am lucky to enjoy. My garden is so small this year, Gerda. But I do have a lot of herbs for cooking. Also, my cucumber are growing like crazy. I love cooking with fresh! You must post some photos of your allotment garden. Thanks for your kind comments.

    2. Hi Meggie, there is not a lot to show yet, G. just started. And it is a little allotment, not with a kind of shed on it. Our garden at home is very small, but we do have some herbs. Groetjes, Gerda

  4. This gave you the opportunity to get to know the farmer a bit more. He sounds like a very nice guy to throw in some freebies. The old tractor looks just like the retired guy's. I think it is from the 80's. Works like a charm. I love the old back roads. Deb

    1. Hello Deb...That is how I felt at the end of the day. I felt good about the visit. What a kind gesture to give me the peppers. And what a lovely post I got out of it. Something to share with you and all my other dear blogging friends.

  5. Oh Meggie, I DO love your photos .I have missed being here, glad I made it over today. Love the Black Land Prairie and your slow morning !

  6. Thanks, Willow....I've taken a trip over to your blog, too, looking at some older posts. Love your lizard photos.

  7. How great is that Meggie, It was meant to be.
    picking what you want for the weekend at a neighbours garden.
    The photos you took show how beautiful it is where you live. So very green.

    I have been having blogging trouble. .. am using bloglovin.. friend connect finishes at the end of next month... so many changes. i cant keep up with them.

    happy sunday.. val

    1. So sorry to hear your problems with your blog. It is very frustrating working with Blogger. I can't join you because I've decided not to do bloglovin and I was never a friend connect. I strictly have a Blog. Let me know how I can reach you.

  8. Meggie.. can you explain to me, how you just have a blog.! do you pay to have it.
    I started blogging over 2 years ago.. and I have just followed the rules.
    I still have a blog.. val's alentejo..
    I am not sure how will we keep our friends.. when friend connect finishes next month.
    You can find my blog on the net. I am still with blogger val's alentejo.. but i really need some help now.
    its becoming confusing.
    i just went to bloglovin as i saw that some of my good friends were now on it.
    Any help Meggie,would be so much appreciated.
    I see i am not on your side bar.. !
    happy sunday val

    1. Val, if you will check again, I just updated with your new address and "you are there". I also sent two comments on your post titled, "Trying to get back to Normal". See if that helps you.

  9. I got to the Farmer's Market, rather late, yesterday and did pick up some tomatoes and strawberries, but had to rush home to go to a knitting class I had signed up for. The farms here are not as close by as yours, so I'm lucky ours is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.! What a beautiful bounty you have there for the week! XOXO

  10. Well, you cant get your food any fresher than that Meggie can you ? How lovely to do that.

  11. Hi Meggie.
    Your messages are coming through to my gmail account. its on my blog. valerietilsten59@gmail
    Its been a busy weekend with my family here.. lunch out and the usual, eating too much.
    I will have to try to find time to get back to the normal blogging... but what i would like to know is what will happen when google friend connect ends at the end of next month.
    i really need now to go to someone who can explain more about this blogging..
    thanks for your help .. when i get your e has a no reply i cant reply..

  12. How I wish I could get some of those tomatoes! I am so tired of the pale winter tomatoes we get around here.

  13. I want to shop there!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sometimes it is good to have a change of pace - it certainly paid dividends on Saturday. I hope you are enjoying those peppers and tomatoes!


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