Sunday, July 7, 2013

Inspired Sunday... First Presbyterian Church


One might think this is the door to a cathedral. It is so unlike most of the church styles in my area of Texas.

The Gothic style details are exquisite.

It's not a very large church....everything about it makes me think of architecture I might see in England.
The clear blue skies and white puffy clouds make a beautiful backdrop for the steeple.
Meggie Mac
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  1. It's beautiful. Reminds me of a Presbyterian Church in Cleveland, TN. I wonder if the church used the same architectural plans in different places.

  2. I particularly like the doorway.

  3. I like the inviting entrance

  4. favorite part is the door. so great!! love the details. ( :

  5. Very lovely photos! My favorite one is the steeple and cloud! Twyla

  6. You've capture every detail of this magnificent, little church. You're right, I thought you had traveled to England, XOXO

  7. That is a magnificent door for this church! I love your photos and my favorite would have to be the last one. Awesome shot!

  8. You get used (or at least over here we do) gothic arches being old abd worn but I suppose that once upon a time they must all have been this crisp and sharp. Interesting combination of red brick and what I imagine is sandstone. I'll be back in 200 years to see how it's wearing :)
    Thanks for your visit.


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