Sunday, July 20, 2014

Centuries Old....St. John's Kirk for inSPIREd Sunday

How do you condense the history of a church that has stood since 1440 ? You simply cannot tell all in a short post.
The following quote is from a page on Undiscovered Scotland.
"St John's Kirk of Perth is the oldest building still standing in Perth, Scotland. The main structural elements of the church you see today, were built in stages between 1440 and 1500. This was only a rebuilding of a much earlier church which had stood on this site for so long that the medieval street patterns of Perth developed around it."
This photo (daughter, with magenta backpack in left corner of photo), gives you some idea how the streets of Perth were developed around the church site.
Over time, the building suffered centuries of neglect. For a long period it was divided into 3 separate churches.
Work began, in earnest, in 1923, to restore the church  to a single church. It was to serve as a memorial to the many, from Perth, killed during World War One.
St John's Kirk is one, of many places, my daughter and I will visit again on our next trip. We will make our plans to be there, when the doors are open.
If you would like to see the magnificent interior, click HERE.
I promise you will not be disappointed.
Working on this post for today, and looking at my photos of Scotland, brought back a flood of memories.
Look at that daughter and I had the most wonderful weather, on our October holiday
in Scotland !
Meggie Mac
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  1. Very beautiful. What a grand trip that was for you and your daughter. I did click to see the interior pics. The bells in the tower are amazing. What a great contribution to InSPIREd Sunday.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I, too, thought the bells were amazing. Next trip, we will be sure to go inside.

  2. I would definitely visit this church.

  3. Beautiful architecture and will certainly have to visit the eastern side of Scotland when we go back. We only got as far as Edinborough to visit family. XOXO

    1. You won't be disappointed....and, please go to the Isle of Skye

  4. That's a gorgeous church! And truly old.

  5. i enjoy the spire & the stain glass. gorgeous area. ( :

  6. Perth is a place I have yet to visit but I will one day, who knows may be next time I go to Scotland. Nice church

  7. Things around here are brand new compared to this beauty. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  8. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Scotland! We certainly have a lot of history. I've only been to a service in St John's once, and that was to a funeral, but it was very beautiful.


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