Friday, October 30, 2015

Barn Weathered with Time for Friday Fences

Friday has rolled around again...
and, I'm sharing another photo story of a fence and a barn.
I can't help but wonder about all the details I see,
 "How did the gate get so bent?"
click on photo
Same barn....opposite side.
Looking at the fence,
it's obvious they used whatever was at hand.
Just as it is with our own life,
this weathered barn,
 has it's own unique story to tell.
Meggie Mac
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  1. I love old weathered barns. This one is a beauty! My "Good Fences" post has one also.

    1. Hello...thanks for stopping by. I'll take a look at your post....

  2. lots of metal used for barns in texas. :) i like that corner gate post - either metal or concrete? :)

    1. It looks like it might be concrete....either way, it's not one that I would like to back into.

  3. I just love old barns no matter how they look. I was always fascinated with the big brown barn at my grandparent's home. They both died when I was very young but I remember how the place looked.

  4. Great looking weathered barn and gate/fencing. I liked your photos of it very much.

  5. Love that! The rusty roof is nice!

  6. I surely like this...cannot resist a weathered barn....remember to link to Tom.


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