Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sharing Some Thoughts With You....

Can you believe it?
A red rose blooming in November.
And the most amazing thing is....
shortly after buying the bungalow in August,
the old, established rose bush
 was cut back and transplanted.
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I simply cannot post without a few words about yesterdays' unspeakable events.
"I am so saddened by the shocking news from Paris.  
My prayers are for the families,
for Peace for all of us."
Meggie Mac


  1. Perhaps the rose is here to remind us all how simply beautiful the life is and against all odds of coming winter..

    1. Good thoughts....I think you might be correct.

  2. We have a yellow rose bush that is still blooming and it has been freezing here at night. I think the world is coming together for those that were killed. At least I hope so. Saying a prayer for them all.

  3. Thanks Betty for your comments....I can only imagine the anguish the families are feeling. As for the rose bush...I transplanted it on the south side of the studio. It gets the morning sun and the protection from the north winds....a great place for this old rose bush.

  4. Our November weather has been so warm, thus far. Kind of scary! We still have a few thing growing/blooming.

  5. Perhaps the dreadful attacks in Paris on Friday will prove to be a tipping point in terms of cooperative action to rid the world of these evil medieval thugs.


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