Friday, January 22, 2016

Culloden Moor Stone Wall for Friday Fences

While planning another trip to Scotland,
 I came across my old photos
 from the Battlefield of Culloden.
Click on Photo to read
This is a significant fence photo, to share with you, my dear readers.
Visiting the Culloden Battlefield
 was the most emotional day of my stay in Scotland.
The thought of what I saw,
still evokes feelings that are hard for me to comprehend.
You hold back the tears and choke back the tightness in your throat,
as you walk the moor.
 Knowing what actually happened on the land where you are standing,
you talk in whispers with long periods of silence.
For those of you reading this post,
 all I can say is... much has been written about that fateful day.
 Click HERE
to read one account of it's history.
Meggie Mac
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  1. the stone wall is beautiful. the grounds, no doubt, are sobering.

  2. How beautiful, and haunting. Those are the types of stone walls I aspire to have here at home. I love Scotland--so much history and both the people and landscape are unique. I think it matters that those hallowed places be visited and respected. I'm glad you shared, thank you!

    1. Haunting is another good word to describe the atmosphere. It was a cold October day, when my daughter and I were there. But, not nearly as cold as April 16th, 1746.

  3. I feel dumb, but I do not know the history, and right now am too tired to take it in. Hopefully I will get back to it, though. But I will say I do love the fence.

    1. Hello Rose...I might not know the history if I had not traced my roots back to Scotland...thanks for your comment on the stone fence.

  4. Here in Northern Ireland, having descended from Scottish planters we feel a deep affinity with the Scots.
    This is a great post to share.

    1. Hello I recall there was an Irish Brigade (around 650 men) that fought at Culloden with the Highlanders. Your comments are so appreciated.

  5. This is a great shot of the fence line and of the battlefield.

  6. Great shot. Culloden, like many battlefield sites, is a deeply evocative place - though Culloden's bleakness adds to the atmosphere. I tried to explain to my kids that in many ways it marked the death of a way of life. It's often wrongly associated with the rivalry between England and Scotland, rather than the end of a rebellion - an attempt to restore the Catholic Stuarts to the throne - though what happened afterwards on the orders of 'Butcher' Cumberland should shame us all. On a lighter note, stone walls are a feature of many parts of Britain - I love 'em! As for work on the bungalow - an older property is never really trouble-free! All the best.


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