Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Good Luck Rooster of Portugal..... for a Thursday Show and Tell

Recently my youngest daughter, returning from a holiday in Portugal,
 gifted me with two beautiful ceramic items.
It's always fun to see the surprises she brings me
 from all the countries she visits.
After doing some research, I discovered
 "The Legend of the Portuguese Good Luck Rooster"
If you are interested, Click HERE
to read the story. It's not long....
and rather enjoyable to read.
click on photo
 Sardines also play a big part in Portugal.
Grilled Sardines are a popular item in the local restaurants
 So it would be natural that my other gift is a hand painted sardine.
 Now I have my very own Portuguese Sardine.
My daughter was happy to share some of her photos for my blog post.
So beautiful.....
Jeronimos Monastery
It's doubtful you missed the color of
my Good Luck Rooster.... a vivid shade of orange.
He fits right in with my Autumn Decorating of golden leaves, acorns
 and of course, pumpkins.
Meggie Mac


  1. I do like the colors of the rooster and the sardine. Gorgeous pictures from your daughter!

    1. Thanks Michelle...I tend to gravitate to more muted colors. These two items definitely are what decorators call a "pop of color". Your blog is one of my favorites !

  2. Your little rooster looks a cheeky little fellow with, perhaps, a look of Woody Woodpecker about his stance! Jeronimos Monastery looks beautiful, a place I would love to visit and the steep and narrow lane through the houses is a lovely photograph.

    1. I knew there was something familiar about the little guy. I forgot to mention he is actually a vase. See the little opening at the top of his body. I agree about the Monastery. She actually stayed in a monastery (converted to small hotel)for a couple of nights. By the way, great nigh-time photo of your village on your latest post

  3. How fun to get presents from around the world, from your own daughter. I love the pictures of Portugal, how incredible to be able to visit.

  4. Lisbon is a beautiful city.
    Thank you, I could refresh your memories.


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