Monday, November 21, 2011

Country Cats

When you live in the country there is no need to go to the pet store to purchase a kitten. At least not in my part of the world.  There always seem to be an abundance of kittens arriving mysteriously at your back door.

Let me introduce you to my cats at the farm. They are Lionel the Tabby, Scooter the Black, and Smoky the Gray.  And, yes, they did arrive as a surprise gift.

I heard their cries before I actually found these tiny kittens.They have been living with me for over 9 years as barn cats.

Today is the day I need to entice them in a pet carrier for their annual trip to the vet.

Wish me luck!
Meggie Mac

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photo! You should be a photographer. I look forward to following your blog. Keep writing!!!


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