Monday, February 6, 2012

Heritage Trees

First came the tree....then came the settlers. And shortly behind the settlers came the town and roads.

This small town in central Texas, population 5,000, is located 7 miles down the bluff from the farm. It is not unusual to turn on a street and come face to face with a large oak tree in the middle of the road.

Obviously, the early citizens of the town believed in saving the trees.  These few photos are just a sampling of the many trees that have been left to grow in the streets.

Even with some damage over the years, trees continue to live.

Sometimes a curb must be extended to allow for growing room.

I've tried to be a good caretaker of the land I live on and respect the trees  that grow here. It makes me proud to know that a small town, in Texas, also cares about it's heritage trees.

Meggie Mac


  1. Meggie, what a wonderful collection of interesting trees! So nice to see that they are treated with respect. The odd shapes make them all the more fascinating, although you have to wonder at how they manage to balance themselves. Deep, deep roots, I suppose.

  2. I adore the oaks and the way they twist and turn into wonderful shapes and it's so good that they are respected. So many people here flatten their front gardens in favour of tarmac or brick drives destroying so much plant and tree life for the sake of cars. Suzy

  3. Are they live oaks? I can't see the leaves in the photos, but the twisting limbs, thick bark and small leaves bring them to mind. We're losing a lot of the live oaks here to oak wilt. (I'm planning a post on them.) I've got photos of the Big Tree near Rockport reported to be over 1,000 years old and others say over 2,000.

    We have a couple of places here on the ranch where the road goes around the oak. At least the tree has been saved, but I've always wondered how the tree feels about cars rolling over its roots.

  4. How wonderful that the trees have been preserved. I live just behind a conservation area - the trees there have preservation orders on them , meaning they can't be felled or even pruned without special permission. I love trees, and feel very lucky to be surrounded by them.

  5. Wow, that's amazing! Beautiful. Thanks for the peek at your special town.

  6. Wow - those pictures are incredible! I't's so wonderful to see them left undisturbed... here, they would be torn down for roadways :(

  7. Waouw: great story, great village, great pictures. Thank you Meggie.


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