Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The title of this post says it all. If you have ever moved, you recognize these three elements. The photo above is of a box set up by a professional organizer. I simply laughed when I saw it. Does she really think I will have time to look at this?

I decided to call in Linda, the organizer, for some added help. I have worked with her before, when I felt overwhelmed with "papers".

Future Bedroom

The bad and ugly side of moving is the utter chaos that comes from trying to downsize. I have now been sifting through my life long collecting for about 6 weeks.

The items that made the cut, have been transferred to the new house.

After working a day with Linda, this is what I have....lots of sticky notes and some well-organized files.

And plastic containers just waiting for a new file cabinet.

Through-out this process, I need to remember, to be able to move to the larger circle of life, I must step out of my comfort zone...

Meggie Mac


  1. One step at a time, but do make those steps and you'll be moving forward quicker than you thought. Good of you to have an organizer help you. I know what it's like moving to a considerable smaller home. All that cleaning up is giving you a fresh start and that will eventually feel great, light and better. You're doing great!

  2. Hello Karen....thank you for your heart felt words. I just re-read your last post. It doesn't matter what age group we are in, we continually look to our purpose in life as our life changes. I hope everyone that reads your comment today, will take a look at your blog, "House With a Niche" ......

  3. Looks like you've got a good start with organization. I need to organize a lot of our family papers too and get a new (bigger) filing cabinet. I've always enjoyed moving; the fresh start and outlook it provides. Best of luck to you as you get settled. Heather

  4. I hate all paperwork, I'm thankful my husband takes care of it now well its a joint much longer till you move?

  5. That's my problem--I'm not a list maker! Oh,I do them in my head, but invariable forget something. I bet you're getting closer to that magic circle! XOXO

  6. Looks like you've got a good start on getting settled into your new home. I don't particularly care for the actual moving, but I've always enjoyed the opening of boxes and reorganizing a home (must be a holdover from a military childhood.)


  7. Moving is very hard for me all the time as I moved so many places. I think I will move the last time when I will be retired on this november.. But You are very organizing I think You filed all things that is good.
    God Help you dear Meggie.. You think Everything will be finished at the end and you will be happy and settled down to your new home...:))

  8. My biggest problem with purging my files, etc. is that awful feeling that I will throw something that I'll need someday. I used to be much worse, but after tossing untold piles of junk from my mom's house after her death, I loosened up a bit. I don't ever want to get that bad!

  9. Do you know I have never moved. I went from my parents house right to the home my husband already owned. We have thought about moving but are waiting for everyone to be through with college and settled with decent jobs. Of course now a days with the job situation who knows when that will be. Good luck!

  10. Hi Meggie, I dont envy you the packing etc.We moved to this house 3 years ago the day before christmas eve and Tony swore never again!! That s what he thinks! It is hard work but will be well worth it.


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