Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moving a Texas Palm Tree

This will be my first year of gardening at Das Kleine Haus. My plan is to move some of the existing plants to new locations.

There are three Texas palms planted much too close to the house. One was re-located this past week end.

I want to first see if it will live, before I make the effort to move the other two. The best location is one corner of the back deck. My thoughts are the foliage will give a nice backdrop for the outdoor cooking space.

I'm without a greenhouse for this year, so I have built several cold frames. The old windows were salvaged from the farm.

On the days the temperature is warmer, I can simply lift the top.

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Romaine and red tip lettuce have been planted directly in the ground. What you see covering the garden is fruit tree netting. It helps keep the small animals from digging around the plants.

Friday will be another Project Day with Meg's Studio. Check back to see the updates on the move.

Yes, I am the wizard who occupies the studio....

Meggie Mac


  1. I hope your Palm tree survives the move, they are so unique. But they don't have much of a root system, do they? To bad we can't grow them in Iowa.

  2. This is my first palm tree....I had a feeling the root system was short. I did cut back some of the palm fans.

  3. It's a pretty tree, I hope it does well! Love the little sign on your studio door.

  4. I love your sign...I may have to copy that for my studio:-D I need to put some cold frames in. I miss my garden in Connecticut and these would be perfect! XOXO

  5. What a great idea for a green house.....have a wonderful weekend! Heidi

  6. How do the roots of these palm tree grow. Thanks


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