Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Show and Tell

To give you some idea of the size of the 1903 souvenir toothpick holder, that is a cereal bowl behind it. The holder measures 2 1/4" high x 2" across.

There are several delicate designs in the the lower half, with gold flash on the top ribbed edge.

And, a sunburst pattern in the bottom design.

When I write a show and tell post, I like to search for any information I might think will be interesting to you. (Click on Show and Tell to read my very first post.)

Thanks to you, my dear readers, I now know this is called Custard Glass. I'm guessing there was a special event in Vincennes, Indiana, in 1903.

Custard Glass was first produced in England around 1880.

How do you know if you have a genuine piece of Custard Glass?

Held up to a lamp, looking through the open end
First, hold it to the light and check for opalescence....Wow, that is an interesting photo shot!

The link above suggests you buy a small black light to shine on it. So what is the magic ingredient that makes for the luminous glow?

Would you believe Uranium Salts?

But have no fear...according to the article I read, a complete set of dishes are no more harmful than what we are exposed to each day in our TV sets.

So, I guess that's comforting to know...

Meggie Mac


  1. I've never heard of custard glass before. Thanks for the education!

  2. Hello Ms know, I've had this piece for over 15 years, not knowing anything about it. Blogging has broaden my education too!

  3. Custard glass is a first for me too. A beautiful find and the story behind it; thank you for the research, XOXO

    1. Hello Susan...I started out by google searching "cream colored glass" and "Indiana Glass". Somewhere in all the research, I came across the word custard glass.


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