Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lemon and Sugar Show and Tell

                    Welcome to all who read my Thursday Show and Tell.

There is not much I can tell you about the lemon juicer, I've had around my kitchen for years. Maybe you recognize the pattern and can share this with me.

I also have the matching sugar bowl. There is a small chip on the edge of the bowl that I did not remember seeing, until I edited the photos. Chip or no chip, it doesn't diminish it's value to me.

The only markings, on the bottom, are a set of numbers.

After all these years, the colors are still very vibrant. Don't you just love the accent of golden yellow?

Meggie Mac

PS...It wasn't until I wrote the last line of this post, that I made the connection of the two containers. What we have here are the tools and ingredients to make "Lemonade".


  1. They look Dutch...and yes, I love the colors too. I've had a lot of lemons "thrown" at me lately, I need to make some lemonade:-D XOXO

  2. Hi Susan...since writing the post, I have found out they were probably made in Japan with the Pennsylvania Dutch design.

  3. A lemonade set, what a charming idea! Really something worth showing and telling about!

  4. Hello Ms Sparrow...that's exactly what my "after-thought" was. Now days, so often we just open up a can and dip out a lemon powder, add water, and call it lemonade.

  5. They look dutch? I don't think so, but Pennsylvania dutch I'm not familiar with. They look nice, lovely design. And a lemonade set is not common here in Holland. Groetjes, Gerda

    1. Hi Gerda....Thanks so much for your comment. Pennsylvania Dutch(Deutsch)refers to German immigrants that settled in the state of Pennsylvania. I hope that clarifies it for you. I didn't know this until I did the post and some research. I have actually painted in this style many years ago.

  6. Perfectly beautiful set Meggie, although I know very little about markings on chinaware.
    Kim x

  7. What a beautiful juicer! So much nicer than the modern plastic versions.

  8. Very pretty and so neat that you put together the lemonade connection! The chip just adds character and charm. My grandmother had a juicer made from clear glass.


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