Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday and a Garden Show and Tell

When I moved from the farm, I brought very little of the flower gardens. I just couldn't part with my adorable cherub.

 Many years ago, a friend was re-designing his garden. I was only too happy to take away the discarded statue. I have lugged the 3 foot cherub from several homes, as I have moved.

Looking around at other cherubs, I've yet to see this particular one. If you click on the photo, you can see the exquisite details, like the hollow in the throat. (Suprasternal Notch)

Click on Photo
I also brought one of my water lilies, in a small black container. The sun was just right to get the beautiful reflection of the cherub.

You can see the hibernating water lily under the surface of the water. The wood rail is also a reflection of the deck above.

For the most part, the new flower gardens are just an idea on paper.

 I've planted a few blue delphiniums for spring flowering.

The lilac colored flowers, of the Society Garlic, will continue to bloom through-out the warmer summer.

It looks like I might have several pears on the recently planted fruit trees...that is, if we don't have a late freeze.

Meggie Mac

Please check out Gerda @ Number 11....She has written a lovely post for Thursday's Show and Tell.


  1. Spring flowers are so delicate to look at and yet so robust, your cherub has an enchanting quality about it. How lovely to pick pears from your own garden, we have a cherry tree which we put in two years ago...........last year it gave us just the one cherry, which I had to protect from the birds, I'm hoping for more this year. x

    1. I would love to grow a cherry tree, but it is a real challange in this part of Texas. I also have a plum tree that is full of blooms.

  2. We still have tons of snow which makes it hard to even think about spring flowers. Spring seems so far off yet.

    1. I know....I keep hearing about it on the news. We may not have the snow, but our temperatures can dip down to freezing this time of year.

  3. Oh Meggie, I'm very flattered that you mention my post. I love following your thursday theme. It must be nice to eat your own pears. And lovely photo's of those flowers. It seems rather sunny where you're living. Groetjes, Gerda

  4. Besides taking pieces of the peony that my grandmother gave me when I got married, to each and every home we've lived in, I also have their bird bath that sets in my side garden. It's surrounded by hydrangeas and a mock orange bush, which reminds me of Grandma's Garden. It's these little things in life that I feel makes a home, no matter where you're planted, XOXO


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