Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Early Morning in Glencoe....

The view from my room this morning..... I could stay here forever.
Yesterday, my daughter and I traveled, by bus, from Isle of Skye. We are now near Glencoe.
I know I am leaving out so much....only after I am back home will I be able to sort it all out and post more photos.
Our plans today will be Castle Stalker, The Glencoe Massacre Monument and a trip to Oban.
I am so amazed at how unspoiled the country is... even with all the tourist that come each year.
You must come for a holiday to truly appreciate the beauty!
Meggie Mac


  1. It's absolutely beautiful. How I would LOVE to see that myself. Someday!!!

  2. You are really getting about here in Scotland. Hope the rain does not put you off, fascinating to read your comments on such familiar places. Hope Edinburgh is on your list. Have fun, Katie x

  3. I love the sky, mountain and loch combination - I bet you have collected hundreds of photos from this trip! Jx

  4. We stayed in Edinborough and never got to this side of Scotland so I'm happy to see photos. We're planning a trip in a few years after we're all settled with one last move. Happy castle hunting, XOXO


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