Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Touring the Battleground of Bannockburn

                                         Scotland is everything I dreamed it would be....

Next year marks the 700th anniversary of the battle in which Robert the Bruce defeated an invading British Army. There will be more photos later this week of the battleground.

I have already taken several hundred photos from the cities of Glasgow, Stirling, and Perth. It may take some time for me to get them organized for the blog.

I'm now in the Highlands....the temperature has dropped in the 40's and it is "breezy".

Next stop... by boat to Urquhart Castle.

Meggie Mac


  1. Brings back so many memories! We were there October of 1990. Have fun-I'm looking forward to more pictures!!

    1. Thanks, Jan. I thought I could post everyday, but, at the end of the day I am tuckered out from all the sightseeing. Most of my photos will begin when I return home. I already have hundreds of wonderful photos from Stirling Castle, the William Wallace Monument, and Scone Palace. The countryside is spectacular...I, guess you already know that...

  2. Never been to Scotland yet, enjoy your stay!

  3. Looks as if you might get a touch of snow up there in the Highlands in the next few days Meggie. Hope it doesnt spoil your trip.

  4. Beautiful shot .
    Gald you had a great time.

  5. Glad you are having a great time, I am in aberdeen, so not a million miles from where you are visiting. Wrap up warm and enjoy the Scottish weather


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