Sunday, December 8, 2013

Inspired Sunday...Second Sunday in Advent

Today marks the Second Sunday of Advent.
Last year I wrote about this historical church, known as one of The Painted Churches. Click HERE to read more about it.
Advent begins with lighting the first purple candle (Candle of Hope). This Sunday was the lighting of the second purple candle (Candle of Bethlehem or Candle of Preparation).
Meggie Mac
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  1. i have always been a fan of pink & purple. what a glow. ( :

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    1. The church is painted a dusty rose inside....the advent candles are beautiful in this color setting.

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    1. Thanks, Michelle....loved your post about "Mouse Karma".

  4. Stunning. Very ornate in places. Had a look at your previous post - what an interesting building.

    1. Hello Mike...I hope you will take some time to view all the churches I have photographed. The Painted Churches are stunning.

    2. Hi Meggie - thanks for visiting A Bit About Britain. Looking forward to exploring your site - and to seeing those photos of Scotland (despite the suspicion that they don't love us English anymore!)

  5. Interesting with the names of the candles! I have to find out if we have the same, have never heard before. We have this song that we sing with the children every advent Sunday. It has a part for every new candle and someone gets the honour to lit as we others sing verse by verse more every Sunday. It is a funny little habit - and the children sing, because no breakfast before that..)

  6. So beautiful!! The church we attend is very old and it's also painted that dusty rose color inside. Going to mass there always feels very special. Happy Advent!

  7. I love tradition...and the Advent Wreath is one that brings back so many memories of sitting in church as a child in awe of the season. Something the "Retail Industry" doesn't want to dwell on:-( Thank you for sharing your photos of this beautiful church, XOXO


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