Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas...Everywhere You Go

One of my favorite places to photograph is on The Bluff. Click HERE to read other posts about this historical landmark, located just a few miles from where I live.
The Texas Park is gearing up for it's annual Festival of Lights.
Decorations are in the process of being installed and strands of lights are ready to dazzle us in the evening.
Red bows accent yards and yards of garland.
The Kreische Historial Home will be open on the week ends before Christmas, with lights burning brightly.
A rear view of the old Smoke House.
The park is a photographers' feast...
Natural stone dots the countryside.
One lone summer flower holds on, after near freezing weather this past week.
Shrubbery, with red berries, add to the Christmas atmosphere.
The Bluff rises 220 feet to give this magnificent view. The river winds its' way through the small community below.
Beautiful views each step of the way.
Hope you enjoyed my afternoon on The Bluff.
And to think...there is no admission charge!
Meggie Mac


  1. It's a very different scene than here is frosty Minnesota!

    1. Once in a while we do get a little snow...nothing like you have.

  2. A beautiful place and they've done a nice job with the decorations! Love the view, too!

  3. I love all that garland. What a beautiful place.

    1. I can just imagine what the first settlers thought when they reached The Bluff.

  4. What a beautiful view! The decorations certainly make this place look festive. x

    1. Hello Chel...thanks so much for joining my blog.

  5. The Bluff is beautifully decorated for Christmas! Love the view!


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