Friday, June 20, 2014

A Mystery Ranch for Friday

There is a stretch of country roads I regularly travel on, that have some rather large ranches with impressive gates and fences.
Do you know what famous person owns this ranch? If you click HERE, you will find your answer.
The fence seems to go on it climbs the hill, each section is installed a little higher than the previous one.
What a great view....the American flag on one side and the Texas State flag flying on the other.
Along this same road is another ranch, with a name straight from an Old West saga.
Meggie Mac
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  1. these are beautiful! gonna have to go check out the link.

    thanks for linking to good fences!

  2. My French hubby love Chuck Norris, I'll have to share this post :-). Both very impressive entries!

  3. I didn't go to look yet...but, must be some big shot from the look of things....

  4. Nice fences.. and very interesting.
    Wonder if Chuck Norris still lives there.!!
    We all love chuck norris in the family...
    happy weekend Meggie.. xxxx val

  5. I like the look of Chuck's gate and fencing!

  6. Gorgeous fences! I wouldn't want to have to climb the first one with those wicked spikes - I guess that's the point - but what if you forget your key? :) - Karen

  7. Loved your fences. Love a Texas Ranch. Don't see many any more around DFW. I need to 'get out of town'.
    Thanks for sharing. I am following you now. I posted a fences too.
    Have a great weekend

  8. Chuck's place is beautiful! My favorite entrance is the last one, though!

  9. That is a beautiful place! Love the fencing and gate. The last one is nice, too. I loved watching the Lonesome Dove series, but I hated it when Robert Duvall's character was killed off. I think that's a neat name for the ranch!

  10. I love the simplicity of the fence and the flags at the gate are so heartwarming. What a beautiful piece of property and you've captured it so well, XOXO P.S., look for a gift from me coming your way!

  11. Beautiful country roads like yours always make me homesick for Texas.

  12. Awesome gates. Thanks for the link to answer the mystery. Finally getting around to visit fences from last week. I love this link up!


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