Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eastlake and Victorian Meet for Thursday Show and Tell

Although I am spending most of my time in the cottage (click HERE to read about the cottage), my furniture remains in Das Kleine Haus until the sale is final.
The walnut piano stool is one of the few things I have already brought to the cottage.
The stool was a real gem of a find. The price of $3.00 was not the only reason I purchased it. I knew it could have a better life in my home.
The first thing changed, was the rectangular swivel seat to a round one. Romantic roses and fringe just seem to fit.
Tilted on its side, you can see the influences of Eastlake style.
Another piece I have brought, is a small armless, stick & ball rocker.
From research on the Internet, I know this is called a "Ladies Rocker", or a sewing rocker. It was very popular in Victorian homes.
To this day, it is still a great chair to sit on while crocheting or hand sewing.
Meggie Mac 


  1. These are gorgeous Meggie !
    Now I must pop over to the cottage and say "Hi".

    1. Thanks Willow....your boxer puppies are adorable!

  2. Love your piano stool! My mother called armless rockers nursing rockers or baby rockers. Her uncle built hers for her from walnut.

  3. Thanks for stopping by....I could see why it was called a baby rocker. Your mother's rocker must have some very special memories for your family.

  4. I love the little stool and the rocker. Three dollars for that stool is unbelievable. The old roses and fringe are perfect.

    1. Don't you just love it when you find a bargain and a treasure all rolled-up in one item. The rocker was also a project. The original cane seat was missing.

  5. What a bargain the piano stool is.. You have re upholstered it so lovely Meggie.
    love the rocking chair.
    Hope you get the rest of your lovely furniture soon.
    wishing you a great weekend.
    val xx

  6. Absolutely love the piano seat!!!

  7. What a find on the piano stool! I love your ladies rocker. I have two of them, one needs repair. :)

  8. Both pieces of furniture, are absolutely beautiful!


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