Monday, April 13, 2015

Elegance in Bloom...

Do you not agree there is an elegance about the Calla Lily? I often see them in brides bouquets.

It's how one might describe the "little black dress" or a beautiful china cup and saucer. 

And like so many other tuberous plants, it faithfully blooms each year, with little to no help from me...
Meggie Mac


  1. Thanks Jan....everything here, in the garden, is getting a good start with all the rain.

  2. Calla lilies are beautiful Meggie,
    I dont have any in my garden.. I must try an attempt to grow them.
    I love this one you have in your garden - a perfect yellow.
    happy week
    val x

  3. I love the Calla Lily, I tried to grow them one year but didn't have any luck, maybe I should try them again..Yours are gorgeous.


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