Thursday, July 2, 2015

Give Me the Garden

It's easy to see why I love the Rudbeckia flower...
This summer, rain has been the constant companion of the garden. So unlike most years, when we are praying for a little rain in June and July.
The stems and foliage are almost waist high to me.
The variegated foliage of the canna gives the garden a tropical look.
My flowers gardens always include daylilies. They give so much for so little care. The blooms only last for one day, with a single stem producing four or five buds. The stem then provides beauty with another bloom, for each following day.
Another faithful flower is the chrysanthemum. If pinched back, after the early blooms, you will get another showing in the Fall.
And favorite, the Daisy.
Meggie Mac
To The Daisy by William Wordsworth
In youth from rock to rock I went
From hill to hill, in discontent
Of pleasure high and turbulent,
Most pleas'd when most uneasy,
But now my own delights I make,
My thirst at every rill can slake,
And gladly Nature's love partake
of thee, sweet Daisy!


  1. Meggie, your flowers are simply beautiful! So is the poem...I love it. I think everybody must love the Daisy.

    1. The flowers certainly have loved all the rain water....and it shows in their blooms. Your vegetables are looking great, too !

  2. Hi Meggie,
    Am envious ):- your garden looks stunning. Such an array of gorgeous flowers. They look so healthy
    I love gardens and seeing what other people have in them. At the moment mine is a little sad.. its so hot here.
    super post..
    have the rest of a lovely week and enjoy your beautiful garden.. you have worked hard in your new home.xxxx

    1. Hi Valerie....most summers, here in Texas, my flowers would be struggling too, from the heat and lack of rainfall. It has been an unusually wet summer.

  3. Wonderful flowers and photos. Are you sure Wordsworth didn't have a thing with someone called Daisy? :-)

    1. Thanks Mike....I do know there were a few women in Wordsworth life....not sure about a Daisy. Is that a fact you know?

  4. Your garden is looking good. I love Black-eyed Susans, as we call them, and daisies, too. I have had a few volunteer Susans, but my daisies have all died out. Coneflowers will survive in my yard though, and they are okay too, but not as friendly somehow.

    1. What I love about the Black-eyed Susans, is how many weeks a single flower will last.

  5. Beautiful flowers in your garden! I like Rudbeckia too! :)

    1. Love your new "Patriotic Header" for your blog !!


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