Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Has Arrived for Monday's Country Back Roads

Today I set out to drive some of my favorite spots on the back roads. The pastures are full of large round bales of hay from the first cutting of the summer.
The terrain is rolling hills and big blue Texas skies....
with winding roads.
 I was lucky to catch the photo of St John the Baptist Catholic Church Steeple. Knowing that the doors are open, it was the perfect last stop of the day.
Meggie Mac
Click HERE and HERE to re-visit my posts about this lovely painted church.


  1. Your countryside looks much like it does around here, only we have lots more corn. Pretty shots.

  2. Lovely area, love the steeple above the trees. They always draw me in.

  3. Beautiful country backroads and church!

  4. The bales reminded me of the landscape in Scotland when we were there; no wonder you love the Prairie so much, XOXO

    1. They really do....also the wide open spaces remind me of Scotland...did I tell you I was considering a 6 month stay there in 2016?


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