Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday's Country Back Roads....Leading Me to Another Small Community

Do you recognize this bloom?
It's a trumpet shaped flower, that has fallen from a tree.
Earlier today, I took a little side trip to the nearby town of Flatonia, Texas....
always looking for adventure and new things that might interest you, dear readers.
You may remember Flatonia from my post Observing a Mural Artist at Work
There was a strong wind blowing, as it usually does in the Spring.
The delicate blooms were floating down like paper confetti....
  landing on the ground beneath.
 If it were not for the beautiful blooms, the tree could easily go unnoticed.
The flowers grow in clusters,
 like small nosegays decorating the tree.
You may have guessed by now...
It is the Southern Catalpa Tree.
A friend gave me a three foot catalpa,
 started from a single seed.
Lucky me.....
Meggie Mac 


  1. I have one growing, too, Meggie. Aren't they gorgeous.

    1. They are simply breathtaking....mind gift is still in the start container. Hopefully by next year, I will have some blooms of my own.

  2. That is a lovely tree. I am not familiar with them.

    1. It is truly beautiful to see in bloom...unfortunately the trees' foliage can fall victim to the catalpa sphinx moth. They can eat off every single leaf, sometimes killing the tree.

  3. It is a lovely tree; does it grow fast? I wonder if it would grow here in North Carolina? Glad you took a little trip, XOXO

  4. Such a pretty bloom! I have not seen it before! :)

  5. I've never heard of this type of a tree but it sure is pretty. The flowers are quite lovely. Lucky you indeed.

  6. I did not recognize it at first but, soon as you showed the tree, I knew!


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