Monday, November 13, 2017

A Barn, Pond, Vintage Building.... for Monday's Country Backroads

The sun came out from behind the clouds,
 just in time to highlight the "new green"
 of the winter grass.
Because we tend to think of muted colors in Autumn,
this shade of green is awkward to the eye.
Turning my camera slightly to the right
 a stock pond comes into view....
with an outstanding fishing pier.
As I continue turning in a circle, the bright green grass pasture has changed
 to the color of the native grass.
There is no shortage of interesting views
 on this Monday morning....
 traveling the country back roads.
Meggie Mac
Linking today with Tom The Backroads Traveller
for The Barn Collective
Click HERE
to view Tom's amazing barn photos...
and to view other barns from around the world.


  1. I love your back road adventures and seeing the changes the season brings in the landscape. Happy week, XOXO

  2. Sometimes the back roads are the best for sight seeing.

  3. Oh, that poor old barn in the last shot...not long for the earth I am thinking.

  4. What a bright spring green! You are right, a surprising color in autumn, but lovely.

  5. I think I should try some back road adventuring, too, you make it sound so nice :-)

  6. Lovely shots. I especially loved that last one!


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