Friday, October 27, 2017

Not To Be Ignored......for Friday's Fences

I know I've mentioned Posted Signs before,
 in writing about fences.

The sign has seen better days....
Here, in Texas, I will still take this one seriously.

And, if you might still have a wee bit of doubt,
 this should convince you.

Beyond the fence, hay bales as far as the eye can see...
all from the last cutting of the year.
I'm not sure what the owner is protecting,
 unless it's from unwanted deer hunters, that would venture
 in the background woods. 

Besides the last hay cutting....
early autumn brings a profusion of color,
 with the wildflower Bidens aristosa.

In these parts, the common name is Tickweed...
one most of us recognize.

As always,
 I try to leave you with good thoughts for the coming week end.
Strive for...
 "The Best One Ever"
Meggie Mac

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  1. Love all the different fences in these images and the yellow flowers are lovely. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks, Margaret....we should all enjoy the cooler weather for this week end.

  2. Love the fences and the tickweed is so pretty. I'm guessing that they are wanting to keep out hunters with that sign. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi Cheryl...That was my guess too, although someone could steal a few bales of hay. Enjoy your week end, too !

  3. lovely photos. Love from Poland

  4. Love the round bales! Beautiful wildflowers even if they have a weedy name!

  5. Great fences. Yeah heading the signs might be a good idea in Texas. Pretty wild flowers.

  6. Your fences are always interesting and have a story! I love the Tick Weed--it must be kin to the Black-eyed Susan!

  7. I never want to trespass on people's land...any place Roger hunted before his stroke, he had permission.


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