Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hat Pin for Show and Tell

I must, first, thank Elaine at Pear Tree Log for her post on a family heirloom brooch. Her post gave me the idea for today's  Show and Tell . It is an old piece of costume jewelry I collected many years ago.

All these years I've referred to it as the Miriam Haskell Brooch. I have no idea of it's value, but it is a signed piece.

Today, as I was photographing, it dawned on me that it was not a brooch. It is, indeed, a hat pin. I came to that conclusion when I tried to insert the pin on a blouse. The pin is rather large...what is needed to drive through the fabric of a hat.

I'm not sure of it's age, but she opened her first boutique in 1927, when hats were in style. If you want to know more about her history, click on Miriam Haskell.

Now that I know it is a hat pin, the dilemma is, " Should I buy a new hat or  just go with my old gardening hat?"

Meggie Mac


  1. I think a hat pin that beautiful deserves a new hat...........any excuse for a little retail therapy, lol.

    I've nominated your lovely blog for the Sunshine Award Meggie, I do love your interesting blog.
    lily x

  2. It's lovely and if you choose to put it on a gardening hat make sure it's secure as you don't want to be digging it in somewhere by mistake! Suzy x

  3. Hi Meggie, Its a very pretty piece but I have to say hat pins always make me shudder, I can just imagine stabbing myself in the head with one, not the idea I know but I have a very vivid imagination! I have a nice old ring which is quite unusual, it looks like it may have been some sort of a seal ring but other than that I have no idea about it.Maybe I should photograph it and blog about it? Someone may know what it is, what do you think?

  4. What a talented woman Miriam Haskell was - to think that Coco Chanel and she would have tea together and talk ideas. That is one very special hat pin. Use it and enjoy it - splurge on a new hat to show it off!

  5. This pin would make any hat look like a new hat, but I think it deserves a new one! It reminds me of Downton Abbey a bit! Greetings from Greece!

  6. That pin definitely deserves its own special hat.

  7. I remember once having a hat and hat pin when I was a young married woman. I'm relieved that we can be considered well-dressed without a hat nowadays. I don't even own a dress anymore!

  8. Dear Meggie, What an adorable hat pin- brooch this is. You are very lucky to have this pin.. This is vantage and very precious pin.. Keep saving it. It brings you wonderful memories...


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