Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Than Just an Apron

As the days have come and gone since Susan first chose me as her March recipient of her special apron, I have become a believer in the magic of the apron.

The very first day, I was aware of something special about the apron...and with each day passing, it grows and grows. Susan has reminded me the apron chooses the recipient.

I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about the post for today. My thoughts were churning around in my head. I was afraid I wasn't a good enough writer to get this message across to you. This post is about the day of arrival.

The apron has arrived...

It felt like a delectable piece of know what I mean. It tastes so wonderful you want to take very tiny bites and savor each morsel.

And so, I carefully removed the postal envelope. I just stared at it for a few minutes. It was obvious Susan had taken such care by precisely folding the apron.  Enclosed was a card.

Let me say, the pattern style is unique and....

Chicks and Cooked Eggs

The fabric prints were perfectly chosen to compliment each other.

If you are waiting to hear me say I danced around my kitchen with it can forget that. I will never admit to it....well, maybe a little dancing!

The story of the enclosed handmade card by Susan, I will save for another day's post.

If you read my previous post on the apron, you will remember it will become a "traveling apron". I plan on sending it to one of my followers. The goal is to create a common thread that will connect Susan and our blogging friends in a very special way. Each recipient (blogging friend), will be wearing the apron for a while and then passing it on.

"Susan, my dear new friend....the credit all goes to you!"

Read her blog, My Mother's Apron Strings and bring another friend into our circle. It is not my place to tell her story...she does it so much better.

It may seem like I have overused the words unique, special, magical and apron in this post, but Susan is definitely worthy of any praises I may sing of her....

Meggie Mac


  1. Meggie, you told that beautifully and conjured up all kinds of wonderful images. It is a beautiful apron which is going to have a really exciting life! Susan's aprons are amazing creations.

  2. Don't ever think you're not a good enough writer. I think there's something unique, special and magical about your blog. I find your writing and photography soothing and beautiful- it's like being taken on a wonderful guided tour by someone who truly loves what she's showing you. Thankyou for letting me explore your beautiful home and surrounding area through the wonder of the internet and your very special words and pictures. x

  3. What a great idea and such a lovely apron.


  4. Dear Meggie, You are very lucky that you had the apron now. I know your delicious meals from your blog. But I am curiously waiting new and delicious meals from you now. Yes that's true. I am really waiting your meals...

  5. Meggie, Scarlet said exactly what I was thinking when I read your blog. I think that's the uniqueness of this community--the unselfish sharing of our recipes, our homes, our lives, and our stories. I feel the same about you sharing this apron with others as I did when my mother cut a pair of apron strings and gave them to me when I got married. Of course, she said it was her way of letting me go and blessing me with my new life as a wife and mother, but when she passed away of a brain tumor at the age of 67, I knew it was a way that I would always be able to hold on to her. The apron I create is my way of creating lasting friendships and holding on to them (so much more practical than just strings--LOL!)
    On my Bucket List is to travel and meet everyone who has been given an apron, but until then I will be satisfied with sharing the love with all I've been able to meet through blogging. Love you, Susan

  6. What a lovely idea Meggie. Your sentiments are wonderful.Scarlet is very eloquent with her writing and has said everything I would have loved to have said but couldnt quite put into words.I sometimes envy her style and confidence!! I do know that we are all special friends within this special community and surely we all enrich each others lives by sharing our experiences.Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog.
    p.s. I will post my shepherds pie recipe for you then you can make a truly english dish!

  7. Hello my blogging friends....usually I rely to each one of my comments. Today it will be different.

    I was overwhelmed with emotions from all your comments today. I can never express how much you mean to me and how much all of you have enriched my life. As I've said before, your blog is important to me and I want to know about your life, too.
    Thank you, sent back to you!

  8. Love this idea and I can't wait to hear about your adventures with the apron!!!!

  9. Hello Meggie, It'a nice to meet you. I am one of your new followers and I have been selected to be your new sister. I look forward to receiving the Traveling Susan Apron from Marcia and becoming a member of the sisterhood. I'm going to write a quick post today and I wanted to meet a few of my sister's before I launch it. I hope to visit all of the sister's in the next several days. I'm so glad you won the apron and started its sisterhood journey. I'm going to read a few more of your apron posts before I leave. So happy to meet you. Joyous Wishes, Linda


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