Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Show and Tell

Have you ever stored away a box and forgotten about it? That is exactly what I did, until yesterday. Inside, my unlabeled box, were these items I have for Show and Tell today.

The vintage cranberry opalescent hobnail art glass vase was made by Fenton. If you are interested in learning more about the American company and the artisans who produce today's glass, click on Fenton Glass. The company has a rich history that continues to thrive today.

Looking at the vase from the top, you can see the beautiful ruffled edge of the design.

"Today, eight Fenton family members work together along with over 100 employees in Williamstown, West Virginia, creating new colors, patterns and handpainted decorations that result in handmade glass artistry that is loved by collectors around the world..", quoted from their website.

The skating boot, with diamond point on the upper top, was also produced by Fenton. I photographed it beside the vase, to show you how small it is. The boot measures 4" tall by 3" long.

The boot sits atop four wheels that appear to be ready "to roll". True for Fenton's workmanship, the details are exquisite.

I guess the only thing left to do, is to find a place to display them....

Meggie Mac


  1. The skating boot is so unusual, I've never seen anything like that before. x

  2. beautiful examples of Fenton's craftsmanship... thanks for sharing them

  3. The skating boot is unique - I've not seen one before. Yes, I have done that before too - put things away and forgotten about them.

  4. What a lovely vase you had forgot about. Have a great day.


  5. They can come to my house...along with you--tee hee! I love hobnail glass and your pieces are exquisite. Thank you for Show & Tell; I think I'll jump in with a few vintage pieces of my own today. XOXO

  6. My grandmother had a bowl that looked like the vase, but it didn't have that gorgeous pink inside and the white to lavendar look on the outside.

  7. I really like the dotty texture on the vase and the fact that it is as beautiful inside as out. The little roller boot is great - very whimsical - I also want to rub my fingers over the upper part of the boot. Two beautiful items.

  8. Dear Meggie, I like the vase with soft colors and fine art on it. And also The boot figurine is so interesting and very small. both of them are fine art. I will visit the FENTON glass Company to learn more and see more.
    Thank you very much...


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