Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday's Country Back Roads

As I was driving the back road to the farm, I saw a pasture with about 30 white goats, with brown spots. Do you know the breed name?

 They all had their heads down, grazing in a pasture of beautiful native grass.

Then, I did my clucking sound that seems to work for attention. One little guy raised his head. If you click on the photo, you can get a better look.

Are You Laughing?
I moved a little closer..... and, before I knew what had happened, they were all looking at me. They just stood there, perfectly still. Five minutes passed before heads went back down to continue eating. I  guess they decided I wasn't a danger to them.

Are they not adorable?

Meggie Mac


  1. Meggie..."Take me Home Country Road." Thank you for the ride:-D I think the goats might be a breed called Boer. They were originally from South Africa, but have become a very popular breed here in the United States.
    Hope you have a lovely day,love you, Susan

  2. Hi Susan.....Thanks for verifying what I thought. They are adorable to watch. Their little tails wiggle while they are eating, just like an excited puppy.

  3. They look very content, not particularly perturbed by you or your camera...just checking you out. You passed their test and they moved on to dessert...mmmn more grass please, side order of wildflowers. I see the trees are well protected from their attentions!

  4. They are very cute with the white and brown fur.


  5. Yes I like goats as the other animal species.. Goats behaviour are so strange. They do all actions with their group friends. Like sheep.. But they are so sweet...

  6. I get such a bang out of goats! Once when I was with grandkids at the petting zoo, a goat crawled up in my lap. I laughed my head off

  7. I love how they are all looking at you! We never had goats on the farm where I grew up, so I know nothing much about them.

  8. Goats are such interesting creatures! My husband always says that our Agnes reminds me - I don't want to go into details..:) When we get visitors by the fence Agnes jumps over and then I have to go and rescue them with a bag of dried bread. For Agnes:)

  9. This made me laugh! Goats can be so funny sometimes. Wonderful shots!

  10. When I go on pension (and don't have to comute to Brussels), I want to live in a place like yours where I can admire animal farms.
    Thank you for this lovely story and the laugh ! ;-)
    Sunny hugs from Brussels (yes, from work buy shhhhhhh !)

  11. What lovely pasture scenes that you photographed and shared...I think you may be living my dream!!!!!


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