Sunday, September 23, 2012

Celebrating Texas Heroes


One of two cannons used for the celebration
 With September almost over, there is a noticeable difference in our outside temperatures. Saturday was a perfect day to be celebrating "Texas Heroes Day". The event took place at Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery, a Texas State Historic site. You may remember me writing about "Brewery on the Bluff.

Some of the Re-enactors dressed in period clothing
  Yesterday's event specially commemorates the men of the Dawson Massacre of 1842, and the Mier Expedition, 1843.

The Texas Heroes Buried at Monument Hill

The 48 foot shellcrete monument, erected by the Texas Centennial Commission, was dedicated in 1936.

More period styles.....look at all those ruffles to iron !

A local basket maker was there demonstrating her craft.

Two ladies had their spinning wheels working, turning wool into yarn. If you click on the photo, you will notice she is operating the wheel barefoot. I found it mesmerizing to watch her spin and pull on the ball of wool, while making the yarn.

The entire event was free, including a recipe for home-made noodles. A woman, from our community, was rolling out the dough and cutting fine strips for Pasta Maker here, just old fashion hand techniques.

No celebration is complete without music. The Monument Hill Singers led in The National Anthem and the Texas State song, Texas Our Texas. Other members of the community brought there dulcimers for our entertainment.

As I walked around enjoying all the events, it made me realizes how much work goes into organizing an event like this. So many people gave freely of their time, that we might remember our history and enjoy a day together.

Meggie Mac


  1. Sounds great Meggie, its good to learn about our history at such events isnt it?

  2. Being an history buff, I love seeing your photos and learning about your area. Little things, like basket making, tells a story. Beautiful photography as usual, XOXO

  3. Beautiful pictures from the old time.


  4. You mentioned ironing all the ruffles on the gingham dress--and they didn't even have electric steam irons! It's nice that you recognize all the hard work that volunteers do in producing those events. I was always oblivious myself until I got involved!

  5. Quite interesting, Meggie. I always enjoy the crafts section. Great photos.


  6. Very interesting! We're looking forward to exploring Texas and it's history more now that we're retired. My gggg-grandmother was an Alamo widow.

  7. Those dresses are divine, though I am happy I am not the one doing the ironing. Looks like a lovely day. Maybe this winter I will try my hand at spinning...


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